Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Beth Moore Bible Studies - A Review

Last Year our church ladies studied "The Patriarchs" by Beth Moore.

In Belgium the Ladies group in the church we attended only used Beth Moore Bible Studies and although I had not been to any of these I felt that all the talk from the ladies was how Beth Moore was so good  but rarely did I hear them mention what they had actually learned from the studies.
 I came to think of those ladies as fans of Beth Moore and indeed some of them would have described themselves in that way.

So when our church here in Northern Ireland decided to do one I thought about it for a while and decided I would give it a go even if it was only to get to know the ladies themselves better.

Well I quite enjoyed the bookwork (homework as Beth calls it) and spent a lot of time going through the chapters in Genesis as we studied character after character and I never missed a study both as the group or the individual work.

I also enjoyed the brightness, enthusiasm of the DVDs, and I enjoyed the times we talked together and discussed the characters as a group.

There were a few times I thought her illustrations from her or her family's life were a bit long and not exactly what I considered as the right illustration for the point she was making but that was a minor point.
On the whole I considered it as a good get-together for our ladies and a useful time of OT study for me.

This year it was decided that we would do another Beth Moore Study and so "Believing in God was chosen".

An extremely long illustration in (I think) the first Dvd bothered me afterwards when I realised that I could tell anyone what the illustration was (and how I thought she treated the dog far more like a daughter than she treated her actual daughter) but I could not remember at all what the illustration was supposed to highlight in the study.

The bookwork took a different course than the other one in that there was a lot of Beth Moore's thoughts with some bible verses listed and looked at, but not the passages they were in so I felt that some of them were taken out of context somewhat and might lead to the wrong ideas being formed on faith.  Then there was a very long section in each day's study where it was just a time for the person to think and write whatever they wanted.

The Dvds were just as entertaining as the previous course Dvds but then I realised that this was the thing that had made the ladies in Belgium just keep referring to Beth rather than to the study, she is a charismatic person who is loved by the camera and then hence loved by the viewer.  I could even see that kind of attitude here as the ladies were mostly remarking on what Beth said but not so much on the bible.

I felt I did not enjoy the bookwork at home as much as I should and had difficult settling in each day to it (too easily distracted by other things - even housework, which is not like me) so decided not to continue with the rest of the study.    

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