Monday, 8 July 2013

A Caribbean Mystery - Book Review

Finished reading this on Friday night having started on Thursday and wanting to get to the end because I was sure that a certain person was the murderer but my recollections of a previous TV or Movie adaptation had brought a different murderer.  I was right.   Why oh why can movies etc. not stick to the books, they are making them because the book is such a success so why change the main story?  Surely changing the murderer makes it a different story!

Anyway, I let the housework wait so that I could get on with reading it.  I think that is a good indication of how easy a read it was and how much I enjoyed it.

Kept thinking to myself that a certain lady in the book was not really needed but because of that I was niggled by the thought that if she has no bearing on anyone else in it then she must have a clue to the solution and I was right, I just didn't get the clue until the end, even though I got the murderer ok.

It was one of my Christie Collection by Heron Books and I am quite enjoying sitting in the sun room with a hard backed book again.

Now I just have to watch the latest TV adaptation of the book which I recorded  recently and I am hoping that there are not too many changes, and that the murderer is not changed.

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