Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Marple TV Review - A Caribbean Mystery

OK where did the Voodoo stuff come from?

                            It certainly wasn't in the book I read!

Why was the murder done differently and the scene at the start with the talk about the photograph?

As for the characters; they left out a very central character of the doctor and made Mr Rafael's male nurse take on more responsibility.  Then they also left out the character that I had mentioned in a previous post who seemed to have no real role but was instrumental in bringing a certain point to Miss Marple's mind.
On top of all that, they made the character of Canon Prescot younger (never have I seen a canon so young) and lost his sister from it all so that Miss Marple did not have the help from the gossip source.

Hermione Norris was a good choice for Evelyn Hillingdon, but as much as I like the actor Alastair MacKenzie who played Archie in "Monarch of the Glenn" he was not the right person for her husband. Not keen on Robert Webb as Tim but the actress who played his wife Molly was good.

Julia McKenzie was very good, she is the second best Miss Marple in my opinion, hard to beat Joan Hickson for that role (and yes I know I have said that before).

I enjoyed watching it but again I did feel that it could have been better if they had just stayed with the story as Agatha Christie wrote it, that is what made it famous!

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