Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Poirot TV Review - Elephants can Remember

Ok, I recorded the TV programme of Agatha Christie's "Elephants can Remember" a few weeks ago because I wanted to read the book before I watched their adaptation of the story.

I have now watched it and as usual loved David Suchet (there never was or never will be a better Poirot than David Suchet) and loved the filming of the programme and even really enjoyed Zoe Wannamaker as Ariadne Oliver this time but I was very disappointed in the big changes to the story.

In the book we do not have the mystery of the doctor's death, nor the intrusion of the daughter of the twin sister, nor the attempted murder of the daughter Celia.

They also changed the type of character of the doctor's son, changed the occupation of the groom to be, changed the relationship with the retired police officer, took out one of the French girls and left out some of the narratives with the "old elephants".

The book was named after the main part of the story which was the remembrances of people of different events from the past and how their memories may seem different but yet can lead to a strong conclusion.  The TV adaptation however cut through that and did not show the real genius of Poirot's "little grey cells" in being able to see through all the recounts of the events and bring it all into order and logic.

I am still looking forward to watching the Miss Marple stories I recently recorded as well after I read those books too because I am such a Christie fan and the programmes are made well even if they don't stick to the completely correct story line.

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