Thursday, 18 July 2013

Packing & Preparation for South Korea

I love the initial preparation,
  • the making of lists, 
  • thinking what needs to be done before I go, 
  • clearing my calendar for while I'm away, 
  • making an itinerary, 
  • deciding on the schedule of all the preparation,
  • sorting my ongoing todo lists so that things are not due to be done while I'm away, 

I don't like
  • the actual packing, 
  • preparation of clothes and items for packing,
  • the booking of flights and hotels 
                                 so that is mostly done by my husband.

This time with a holiday to South Korea and a trip to Hong Kong incorporated into it and then the boys coming to join us later my poor husband has to book 5 return flights & 5 single flights and this was just very taxing for him.

So I said I would look after the hotels but they can't be booked until we know exactly where we will be each day and the Hong Kong flights are only just done so no hotels booked yet and it is only a week before we go.

We are planning to meet up with a South Korean friend who we originally met in Belgium and spend some time with her in Seoul as well as going to Gangneung in the northeast to see places and people that our daughter is constantly telling us about so tying it all together is taking some effort.

Vaccinations are all done, easy for the boys as they were up to date with everything they needed as they have been to different African countries within the last 10 years, but not so easy for us as it took two separate trips to the health centre because we didn't have 3 arms each.
So at least these are now checked off the list.
           Plenty still to be done though.

Next post on South Korea is here

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