Where's The Rain? - Seoul, South Korea.


It's the Rainy Season in Seoul South Korea, or so they say it should be but the weather is not predictable this year and we were glad of that.

If you didn't see the previous blog post about preparing for South Korea  you might like to read it first.

Going to visit our daughter Linda depended on one thing: when was she off work, so that we could spend lots of time with her.
That was during this time so we arranged to go now even though it is normally the hottest, most humid time and also the time they expect their rain.

As Fred & I arrived on Friday morning there was a bit of mistiness over Seoul Incheon Airport but when we arrived at the hotel in Seoul the sun was now shining.

We left in our luggage (too early to check in) and went out for lunch at a Korean restaurant, sun shining still.

Menu in Korean except for names of meals so we ordered the Beef Rib Soup which apparently comes with many little side dishes and rice.  We were unsure what was in the soup along with the beef but had no idea what was in most of those little side dishes.
 (First time we have had rice with soup except for a silly blunder by myself one time in Belgium)

Then there was the big question!

 What should we have to drink?

 Well we decided on this, no prizes for guessing what it is.

Back to the hotel after that very nice tasting soup and got checked in and went for a nap to catch up on the sleep we lost overnight on the plane.  After 6pm we met up with one of our Korean friends whom we have known since we lived in Belgium and the sun was still shining.

By the time our daughter made it over from Gangneung we were very hungry and we all went for another Korean meal which was pork and the drink was barley water, which is water with barley and not at all like Robinson's Barley Water.

 Quite nice!  But Very Sweet!

 The weather?  Well - Still hot, dry and humid.

Back to hotel after 10pm tired, full and dry.

Ever thought of visiting Seoul in South Korea?

Saturday after a little lie-in we had breakfast from the stall in the street outside the hotel, great value only 4,000 won for the 3 of us, that is approximately £2.50.

And we did not get wet going for this breakfast because it was still hot and dry.

We had a lazy morning of catching up with Linda and then off to get a snack lunch from a nearby shop.

The famous Kimbap, which is rice and meat and vegetables rolled up and wrapped in seaweed - lovely but very filling surprisingly.

We met up with our Korean friend again and went shopping, some very expensive department stores which was really more like window shopping and then some more market type shops.  This was nice to get to see the real Korean city even though we found it hard to take in the amount of people.

It was also nice to do because it was still very hot, dry and humid.

Where was this rain we had been warned about?

 Then Sharon (our friend's western name) took us to walk through one of the old gates of the old city of Seoul,

After that it was coffee break time and so we headed for one of the many coffee shops of Seoul.

 That's when we got the rain, but even though we were walking in it for a little while we hardly got wet as it was quite light.

Instead of coffee Fred and Linda shared a Bing Soo; it is ice, fruit, icecream, yogurt and rice cakes in a large glass which is more like a bowl and you mix everything up together.

Sounded really strange to us
it tasted very nice and very sweet.

 Linda persuaded me to have an iced latte - never again!
I'm a coffee lover not an iced tea or iced coffee lover.

So I just had to share Fred's Bing Soo.

Next we went to see one of the palaces of Seoul, no rain again and lovely peaceful surroundings for being in the middle of this enormous busy city.

 Dinner was in a special Chicken place and we really were getting better with these chopsticks.

 A little bit of rain again as we headed back to the hotel for bed but it had stopped again in time for us to stop near our hotel to stand and watch a Korean lady sitting in the street making their form of honeycomb which is flattened into large circles and cost 1,000 won (a little over 60p).
When she saw us watching so intently she made a special bigger one for us but still only charged us the same amount.

Sunday started with the same breakfast as Saturday as we had each enjoyed it so much.

 Then time to hit the subway with our subway app (yes there really is an app for almost everything) and with our daughter in charge as she can read Hangol, we made our way to our friend's church for morning worship.

 A friend of our friend had agreed to translate for us and she had done this for Linda when Linda came to the church some months ago.  It was a lovely service, Fred & I just sang in English when we recognized the tunes of the songs, while Linda sang in Korean.

Sharon works in the church so we went to see her office and meet some of the people she works with and then off with our translator for lunch in a lovely location in a park in the heart of Seoul very close to the church.  The building was an old-fashioned Korean type building and the food yet again was great and so we now sampled even more Korean dishes.

Then the rain came but only while we were inside having lunch and it didn't bother us.

 By 4pm we really knew we had made a new Korean friend who has been invited to come visit us in Northern Ireland with her husband and son.

Back to the hotel on the subway and coffee and more chat and then time to pack for leaving for Hong Kong on Monday morning and sending some things on with Linda to Gangneung.

Then goodbye to Linda as she left to travel back to her home ready to go teach English again on Monday morning.

As she left for the subway the rain had started.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing experience! Somewhere I'd love to visit one day. #thethemegame

    1. Well worth the visit. I'm hoping we get back again sometime.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely visit the food sounds yummy. I'm glad the rain was too bad for your visit.

  3. Lovely photos and such a wonderful trip. Glad you were able to visit.

  4. glad that linda can sing in Korean.

  5. Anonymous03:27

    Ah a similar architecture to China (understandable, since China occupied Korea for some time).

  6. Looks like you were quite lucky with the weather despite the season :)

  7. Anonymous13:37

    Seoul is high up on your bucket list. My brother in law is Korean and we will visit one day for sure. We are at the moment trying to teach our little one to eat wth chopsticks and he is not having any of it. Thanks for linking up with #bebevoyage

  8. It's a country I would be fascinated to visit- although I have seen some of South East Asia and the Far East, Korea is somewhere which has eluded me so far. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  9. Thanks for the insight into Seoul. It's somewhere I haven't been, but would love to go. Mr R goes all the time for work, and I have told him I will be going with him one day! :D #citytripping

  10. Love your travel notes. Have not been to Korea but would love to go! Keep sharing your inspiring messages.

  11. I'd like to visit South Korea in the future. I'm a big Korean drama fan. Right now, I'll have to settle for visiting vicariously through your posts. Thanks for sharing. Dropping by from #trafficjamweekend