5 Waygook???

Still in Gangneung and still enjoying South Korea but still having trouble with the high temperatures and the high humidity making it not always easy to sleep well.

Thursday started with a late breakfast of coffee and then a longish walk to the acorn restaurant where we met up with one of Linda's co-teachers Mr Woo for lunch. He had been very helpful and supportive of Linda so it was lovely to meet him and chat with him.

 There were acorn noodles, acorn pancakes and acorn soup.

 We had never known that you could eat acorn let alone have it in different forms. we had to sit on the floor in this restaurant just as we had done in the tofu restaurant on Wednesday for lunch.  This is difficult when you have long legs like my husband and two sons but also for me because I sometimes feel it painful on my hip.

A visit to Homeplus in the afternoon to see the place Linda is always talking about shopping in and had discovered that the supermarket part was Tescos really as the blue and red and white signs gave it away.

Nearby there was an outdoor market so we explored it for a while but it really was too hot for us to be out too long that afternoon so we went inside again for cold drinks and waffles.

Dinner was a home cooked Korean meal in the home of one of Linda's co-workers Jacob. His wife Hannah had made Bulgogi, noodles, Gimchi, rice cake, mushrooms, rice, seaweed, and more for us and it was delicious. I could even eat her Gimchi which was not as spicy and smelly as the Gimchi we were always being presented with in the restaurants.

 We had a very enjoyable evening talking and laughing about lots of things and felt very much at home with this lovely christian couple.

The evening ended with a trip to Yoon's Coffee Shop for late night drinks and to find that Mr Woo had left gifts of Korean fans for us at Linda's appartment. The two fans are beautiful.

They also came in very attractive boxes. with wraparound bags.

Friday morning and we headed off to the beach.

The Korean word for foreigner is waygook and Linda has heard this word often as Koreans talk to each other about her, so she warned us that we would be noticed and talked about especially when people would see all 5 of us together in Gangneung.

 So imagine the scene at Gimpo Beach when the 5 of us arrive and head into the sea to swim.

We were the centre of attention for many of the Koreans.

 Older ones just stared at us while some of the younger males came up to us and wanted to talk to us.

 We even had girls taking pictures of us as we swam & talked together in the water.

 Some people were just very rude and got very close but didn't speak.

It's NOT very comfortable coming out of the water and walking up the beach in a wet swimsuit when you have an audience.

The sun was very hot so we dried off quite quickly and then headed back to Gangneung to have a late lunch. As it was just us today we decided to try out an Italian restaurant near Linda's appartment and enjoyed our pizzas and pasta there.

Fred had been fighting a cold for the last few days and now his chest was rather sore so he decided to go back and relax at the hotel while the rest of us did some shopping for gifts to take home.

 A few hours later we returned to him with fans, chopsticks, wooden dishes, etc. and donuts from Dunkin Donuts.

During this trip Fred and I had got quite good at using chopsticks.

 We told him we would have this as a quick snack and then go to Yoon's Coffee Shop for coffee and drinks and then try Korea chips on the way home again.
 In Korea they say potatoes but they are just chips to us, although having them with cheesy flavouring was a novelty.

The Final Part of the Story is HERE

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I hope to visit S. Korea someday as I have some friends there. One more Korean word I know now!