Saturday, 10 August 2013

"Gangnam Style"

Tuesday morning saw us packing to move on from Seoul.

 It was time to travel East to Gangneung to spend the rest of our holiday in the area where our daughter Linda lives and works.

A three hour bus journey in a hot humid climate was not very appealing but it was actually one of the best bus journeys I have ever been on. The seats are like first class seats on an aeroplane, wide, well padded and reclining so all five of us fell asleep for a good part of the trip. I am glad I didn't sleep the whole way though as some of the mountainous scenery was lovely to see.

Apparently we were in Gangnam at the start of the bus trip but Linda forgot to tell us until afterwards, so I'm not really sure if we can say we did the trip in Gangnam Style???

Our next stop was Linda's apartment, not very big but in a nice neighbourhood.

Then on to find our hotel which is a Boutique Hotel but has not been a great hit with us, we tend to prefer hotels which have a safe and drawers and a wardrobe because it is nice to have somewhere to put at least put your clothes. This hotel provides a computer in each room but no drawers and only 2 hangers on a hook on the wall. None of us could figure out how to get the taps to work properly so just a trickle of water to wash our hands, but we did have the biggest TV I've ever seen in a hotel room.

Dinner was another Korean barbeque with pork this time and it gets rolled up with vegetables in a lettuce leaf - very tasty. We met up with Jessie (one of Linda's friends from church) for this meal and then on for coffee to a local coffee shop owned by another of Linda's friends called Andrew.

A lovely coffee shop (Yoon's Coffee), relaxing, with good coffee and smoothies and nice company as we got to know these friends.

Our oldest son Jonathan was so impressed with his cappuccino that he told Andrew it was the best cappuccino he had had outside of Italy - high praise indeed.

On Wednesday morning we awoke at 10am to 32 degrees the start of a very hot humid day for us.

We met more friends of Linda's for lunch in the beach area at a Tofu restaurant as one of them is a vegan. My first experience of tofu and I think that one is enough.

I have been warned that red sauces are the spicy ones and so I've been very careful about anything that is red but today I got caught out by what I thought was a piece of green pepper but was really a chilli pepper and my mouth was burning hot.

On to a coffee shop afterwards and then the five of us went for a walk around the lake stopping at an outside exercise area to try out the exercise machines. Then on to a burger restaurant for very tasty burgers and fries.

On the way to lunch we had had to get two taxis because there are 5 of us and so the same on the way back but this time the taxi driver who took Fred & I told Linda he knew where our hotel was but actually he didn't so we had a little adventure as he drove around pointing at hotels and we shook our heads at him. We finally remembered that we had a copy of the hotel confirmation on my ipad all in Hangul so he was able to get the address into the GPS only to find that we were simply just round the corner from it.

After a bit of cooling off time in the airconditioning in the hotel room we headed to Yoon's Coffee Shop to end the evening with coffees & drinks again.

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  1. Hope you are enjoying your trip and visit with your daughter ~

    Happy 4th of July to USA
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  3. Ah.

    Clever, clever indeed.

    It took me a minute to get your title.

    I would love this kind of lunch. So glad you're having a great time.

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