Seoul Once Again! Travel

We left Hong Kong on Friday to return to South Korea.

It was nice to travel at a leisurely pace and fly out from a spacious, clean, bright, quiet airport.

We were even able to check-in at the Kowloon Station and then make our way to the airport with only our hand luggage.

I have fallen in love with Hong Kong airport.

The biggest problem of the journey was what to watch on our individual screens during the flight as we had watched movies on the first trip to Seoul and also on the trip to Hong Kong so we had watched most of the things we were interested in already.

I finally settled for trying out a new British TV comedy series.

We did have a bit of a hiccup though as the Typhoon warning hoisted on Thursday had now been changed to a Tropical Storm Warning and it was noticeable how much lower the temperature had gotten and the how dark the skies were so it was not surprising the see that various flights were being delayed.

Our flight never actually came up as delayed but we didn't start boarding until about 20 mins after the time allotted. Then we sat on the tarmac for a very long time waiting to leave.  However the pilot must have made up time during the flight because we only seemed to be about half an hour late in landing in Incheon Airport in South Korea just west of Seoul.

We arrived at the Best Western Kukdo Hotel in the heart of Seoul quite late at night and Linda was there waiting for us.

 I couldn't wait to get a chocolate snack and a coffee and a quick catch-up and then to bed.

Getting into bed was not the easiest as the triple room we were in was really a twin room with an extra bed rolled in, leaving it so short of space that the armchair was wedged between the window sill and the bed and so I had to crawl up the bed from the bottom as I could not stand beside it.

 Plenty of drawers in this room though far more than you would really need. Strange how different the hotel rooms can all be.

I do think the Nine Tree Hotel we stayed in the previous weekend in Seoul was better than this one and the one in Hong Kong. If we ever come back to Seoul I would definitely go to the Nine Tree again, it even has a better location with a busy entertaining night life around it but not noisy.

Saturday was bright and sunny once more and after a good nights sleep we were ready to hit the nearby shopping Mall. Great prices in this Lotte Mall and I got a few dresses there.

 Most of the girls were very helpful but we were surprised in one shop to be told that we could not try on a dress or a top. We pointed to the changing room and asked why not, to be told that we could only try on trousers. If anyone can see the reasoning in that one I would love to know it, it just didn't make any sense to me.

Next we had to decide where to have lunch and then Linda suggested we try a spoon pizza.

The restaurant had a Bulgogi  spoon pizza and we love Bulgogi (thanks to our Korean friend Sharon having taught us how to make it when she stayed with us in Belgium) so we opted for that.
 It was so delicious that we immediately ordered a second one to share.

Well fed we headed off on the subway to meet Sharon for our Korean Experience of the Day.

Sharon was taking us to a place where we could make something of our choice. Linda and I chose to make a ring with mother of pearl effect and really enjoyed the simple process.

Sharon helping to explain what we had to do.

Concentrating hard to make our rings.

The completed rings.

 This experience was then followed by a walk to another area of Seoul to see the Rice Cake Museum known in Korea as the Tteok Museum.

 Who would have believed there could be so many different varieties of rice cake.

By LittleT889 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

So far we had had small pieces of savoury rice cake in soup and sweet rice cake in desserts but we were amazed by the different colours and textures and shapes and sizes presented in the museum.

 At the end of our tour here we went into the little cafe at the museum and tasted 3 different rice cakes, strawberry, chocolate and mugwort (pink, brown & green) and also a persimmon sorbet and a cinnamon ice tea.

 Good tastes except perhaps the mugwort!

It was now time for the boys to arrive so we said goodbye to Sharon after arranging plans for Monday and we headed back to the hotel to meet the boys due off the airport bus around 6pm.

 No sign of the boys at the hotel and no message from them so Linda checked arrivals on the internet and discovered their flight was delayed.

 The boys eventually got to the hotel around 9 pm so it was a very late dinner that night and our first western one as we went to a Steakhouse.

It was nice to have all five of us together again for a holiday and as Daniel had said some time ago this would be our last one as the original Black family as come October he and Suzie would be married.

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