So Very, Very, Very, Very, Very hot!!!

Before we left Northern Ireland our friend David, who had been to both South Korea and Hong Kong, told us many things about those places.

 He warned us that Hong Kong would be hotter and more humid than Seoul and boy was he right.

We arrived in Hong Kong on Monday afternoon, got the express train from the airport to the Kowloon area and a taxi to the hotel. Prices are easier to deal with here, just divide the Hong Kong Dollars by eleven and you have the pounds sterling, so that meant the taxi cost less than £4.

Our hotel was on Nathan Road which is a famous main street through that part of Hong Kong.  This was the view from our hotel room.

You can see a church marked by a large cross (the easy way to spot all the churches in Korea too) in the distance and all the high rise apartment buildings.  This part of Hong Kong was not the prettiest!

After a bit of a rest and sorting out the air-conditioning in our room we walked south to the end of the road and looked for somewhere to eat.

 Due to having had nothing but Korean food since we started our holiday we thought we should have something without rice so we chose Italian, and I had a lovely glass of apple juice as well.

Then we headed out and walked to the Avenue of the Stars to await the laser light show that is a nightly event.

The place was crowded, Fred took loads of pics across the water and experimented with the panoramic shots on this new camera while we waited and waited.

 The show was not as impressive as I had hoped but then we have seen others elsewhere.
We did enjoy the atmosphere and the view along that area is beautiful.

 Tired we decided to find the subway,

get Oyster cards and take that route back to the hotel. Only stopping at a shop between the subway and our hotel where we got bananas and an ice cold coconut drink to try out.

Tuesday started with a lie-in and late breakfast, unpacking, and then off down South on the other side of Nathan Road to see the Avenue of the Stars in the daylight and to walk along the Promenade as well.

We then needed a little while out of the hot sun and after a nice cold drink we got the subway to Lantau Island and took the Cable Car to Ngong Ping Village.

 Now we have been on several cable car rides in different countries but that must be the longest one we have ever done and is by far the one with the best views. This definitely is something I would not want to have missed and it's not too expensive either.

We travelled over the sea and the land and the hills.

Walking round the village was relaxing but hot, hot, hot.

We tried to ignore the big buddha (which is the attraction that most people make this journey for) but it is so big it cannot be ignored and we could not believe how many people were making the extremely steep ascent up to this, why climb all those steps on such a hot day?

We took a picture of the big Tea Pot instead

Then a little bit of shopping, first souvenir of a set of chopsticks, and protestations from me of

"No, I am not buying a Chinese style dress" 

as the assistant assured me they did do them in larger sizes; and then it was time to head back to get the cable car again.

Dinner was at The Outlets on Lantau and we took some time deciding between all the different types of food but for me noodles won out over everything else and they were very good.
 Fred had sweet and sour chicken as he had promised himself he would have his favourite Chinese meal in Hong Kong and he was not disappointed.

 Back to the hotel on the subway and a brief stop at the same shop as Monday night to get more bananas and try out the ice cold sugar cane drink this time.

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  1. Oh my goodness me, that cable car ride looks amazing! #thethemegame

  2. That must have been a very nice stay although very hot, but better hot than cold !

  3. Great shot of the cable cars!

  4. A wonderful share and I often wonder how people deal with extreme heat on a daily basis! Someday's too much is too much. Yet you turn a negative into a positive. A wonderful share and thank you.