You Must Go Up the Peak!!! - Hong Kong

Still in Hong Kong on our short trip over from South Korea.

We are sleeping so well on this holiday that it was hard to get ourselves up on Wednesday morning but we did manage to get down before breakfast ended.

We had another relaxing morning and then hit the "Ladies Market" in Monkok just north of where we were staying. We love markets and love bargains so we haggled away with the vendors and after a long time we were through the market and had several purchases at really good prices.

 The best time was when I started at one low price and instead of having to raise it I ended up with the item for another 10 Hong Kong dollars lower than that. The poor girl just did not know what had happened.

Fred's backpack had ripped on Tuesday so we wanted a replacement for it and got two instead.

 His earphones had lost one of the rubber ends so he was on the lookout for a cheap pair to do for the rest of the holiday and after we stopped haggling with the girl at the stall having got her to agree to the price we wanted she mistook something else I said and dropped the price even more.

It was a fun afternoon at the market.

However I later headed into Marks & Spencers for a few items of extra underwear and came out flabbergasted at their prices.

Hong Kong is an expensive place.

Going back into the hotel to get freshened up and changed to go out for dinner we realised that there was a bistro cafe in the same building and the notice for it had a bible verse on it, so we decided to try it out. Not too expensive and a reasonable selection on the menu so we picked two different meals and they were both great. We only had starters and main courses followed by tea and coffee but everything was very tasty and the coffee was the best I have had in a long time.

 We did have a laugh at their "mocktails" though as they had religious names like "Fruit of the Spirit". The atmosphere was very relaxing and we enjoyed sitting there sipping the coffee.

Thursday was planned for Hong Kong Island so we took the subway under the sea

and arrived at Central Station to start our Island Adventure.

 We got a local bus and enjoyed the winding coastal road all the way to Stanley.

Not just as sunny as it had been every other day but still a lovely warm day. first thing we saw at Stanley was the market it is famous for so we had a stroll round most of it and again I found people trying to persuade me to buy an Asian outfit.

 This time however we bought nothing at all. 

 Then we had a walk  along the promenade

and over the rocks

and finished at Stanley pier which is wooden and covered.

A beautiful and quiet area where we enjoyed strolling around.

On the way back in the bus we saw the sky get darker and when we arrived back at Central it started to rain.  We sheltered for a little while but then it was ok again and we walked up to the Peak Tram Terminus to get the Tram to Victoria Peak.

What a queue!

Fred insisted in taking a picture of me in the queue.

The inside of the tram station was bright and they had lots of decor on the walls to look at to stop you getting too bored.

It was quite a wait, but finally it was our turn to get on the tram.

The tram ride was nice up a very steep incline at times.

 Then - What a view! 

What a view! Hong Kong Island.

It was great from the inside of the Peak Tram Building and from the Peak Galleria Mall but even better of course from outside. It was the type of view that you didn't really want to walk away from so it took a rain shower to get us inside again.

We had McDonalds for dinner while it rained, first time in months and months and months that we've had fast food like that.

Then outside again as the rain had stopped and even the view of the Peak Galleria Mall area was lovely and the water in the distance.

The plan had been that we would stay up at the Peak as long as possible and see Hong Kong lit up before getting the tram down again and then the ferry over to Kowloon District.

It was of course still warm and very comfortable at first walking around and admiring the views again but then the rain started coming down again although not too heavy but the wind was pretty strong by now - you see during the afternoon the warning had gone up for a typhoon which was it going to hit Hong Kong and if so when?

Well we decided it was probably best to head back to the tram and get down from the Peak before the weather got any worse but a lot of others seemed to have the same idea so we got into the very very long queue and I wrapped my shawl round me and we huddled under the umbrella.

 A while later the rain stopped but the queue had not moved much and a good while after that it still hadn't moved, then people started coming out of the Tram Station and we after a lot of eavesdropping we realised that the Peak Tram had been suspended, apparently one of the doors of the tram was not registering as being properly closed so they couldn't use the tram.

Pushing and shoving and still more queuing to get refunds and then more queuing to get buses and taxis and by the time we got down to Central again we just went back to the hotel in the subway as it was by now very dark and late.

This however did not spoil our day.

Everyone says "You must go up to the Peak" and they are right.

It's true - You must go up the Peak in Hong Kong.

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