Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A place for Everything!

I wish!

My husband and kids can tell you that there is a phrase I love to quote (but only now have bothered to find out who said it).

Every time I can't find something I always say 
                                                    "someday I will have ........... "

Each time we have moved house I have said  
                                                    "this time I would love to have .......... "

When a cupboard or a room is in a mess I say  
                                                    "this wouldn't happen if there was ........... "

So when I started doing this online graphics course and saw that they were talking 
about putting quotes on pictures I immediately thought 
I should do one for my favourite quote.

So what kind of picture would I use, would I go to a site of free pictures and try to find something I liked or would I take a picture myself or would there possibly be a picture I had already taken that I could use - long shot this last idea!

But when I looked on my ipad camera roll, there it was, a picture of our garage. 
My kids will love this I thought so I decided to use it as a family joke and put it on our private family blog.

Of course there is a story that goes with this as well.

We have lived in our current house in Banbridge, Northern Ireland for nearly 3 years but had never put the car in the garage.
We put the cars in the garage when we lived in the US and also while we lived in Belgium but mostly not while we have lived in the UK.  So a few months ago we decided we were going to tidy up the garage, get an automatic door put on and then we would be able to put the car in at least for the winter months.
On the day the new door was fitted, my husband straight away drives the car in and I take pictures to post to our private family blog so the kids will know about it.  Then he reverses the car out again because we were going out about an hour later and he knew we would be in a hurry.

Now you have probably guessed the end of the story........
                                                        It hasn't been inside the garage since!

However I am very thankful for the fact that we made the effort and now have a better organised garage and we can put the car in if we want to.

Ok is that just us or are there any others out there like this too?

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  1. Lol! We can't park the car in our garage either and haven't for years. Many years ago my dad died and we invited my mom to move in with us. Since we had to make room for her stuff we had to get rid of some of our stuff.

    But we didn't want to do it permanently because she was in her 80's and in not so great health, so we knew that she wouldn't be with us forever. So we moved a bunch of our furniture into the garage, where it sits today.

    My mom lived with us for six years and is now 90 and living in a nursing home, as she requires more care and supervision than we can give her now. Also, our oldest son just got married two months ago.

    So we now have two extra bedrooms. Once our son gets the rest of his stuff out (and he WILL do that, lol!) and we remove the rest of my mom's stuff, we can start shifting things around and maybe can finally park in that garage again, lol!

    Thanks for linking up to "Making Your Home Sing Monday!"

    1. thanks for dropping in, I quite understand the son and the rest of his stuff! One of our sons just got married and his wife keeps asking what stuff? when we mention that he has things to take to their new home.

  2. I use my side but my husband prefers to keep his "must have" items on his side. When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter I made it a point to get one side cleaned out so I could use it. She was born in October so the last thing I wanted to do was lug a newborn and 3 year old in and out the car in the middle of winter :) We joke if she hadn't come along our garage "stuff" would have just kept multiplying.

  3. Hi again Michelle, Oh for the bigger garages we were used to while living in the US and in Belgium, ours is rather small here so not much room for the "must have" as well as the car.