Sunday, 20 October 2013

Almost enjoying myself too much to POST!!!

Before I start I want to state that there is an affiliate link in this blog post.

I have been so busy having such a good time at my new hobby that I was not thinking 
about writing a blog post these last few days.

I got so excited with

  • creating my own pictures, 
  • learning about watermarks, 
  • editing my pictures to fit as facebook covers, 
  • or be a good fit for blog pics, 
  • or be a better fit for pinterest 

that I was devoting all my time to that and

  • forgetting the housework (happy enough to do that especially the ironing), 
  • leaving meals to the last minute, 
  • and getting behind on my todo list (not a good idea with our son's wedding in less than 2 weeks, 

Anyway what is this thing that is taking up so much of my thought, 
action and time?

Well I decided to do an online graphics course with two ladies called Caroline Jones and Davina Brawn (2 sisters in fact).  

I joined in a webinar that they held a couple of weeks ago and liked the way it was done so thought I would invest a bit of money in learning more about something that I had been rather lacking in knowledge about but had been trying to incorporate into my kids work at church and my blog.  

Well there are a nice bunch of ladies now working away watching videos and reading Pdfs to learn how to take their own pictures, edit these pictures and enhance them for use on websites, blogs, facebook pages and in other ways for their various businesses.  We are on a group in Facebook and are actively encouraging each other and gently critiquing each others efforts.  All the time our two leaders, Caroline and Davina are answering our questions and advising us.

One of the best things about it is the fact that we can all work at our own pace and also in our own time frames which means that there is no problem in having people from all over the world in the same group.

So today my post is to say how much I'm enjoying this new adventure into graphics for me but also to say thank you to the ladies from Wales who have made this possible.  I know that what I am learning with help me do a better job in my blog but also in helping with our church website and the other presentations etc. that I do for church and kids work.
I am so glad to have found this and so happy to be learning something new that is of so much benefit to me in all the things I'm interested in.

Some of the things I have created so far:

 book review pic for my blog book review posts

a recipe picture for a blog post

a previous picture for a blog post now enhanced

slide for our church service

another picture enhanced from an earlier post
 a visual for our after school bible club

my new Facebook timeline picture

I do have another creation using a favourite quote of mine 
and you can see it in the post 

If you are interested in the course I'm doing 
then you can find out more here.

There is an affiliate link in this post.


  1. Sandra - I'm all for forgetting about the housework!
    You're building up a nice portfolio of work and it's *great* to see. It's also great to have you part of the group.

    1. Thank you Caroline, you and Davina are so encouraging and I'm having a whale of a time in the group - do you have that saying in Wales?

  2. Hi Sandra
    This sounds like great fun. I have an eye for composition and I am definitely checking this out. I would love to join. I am quite impressed with your recipe photo.
    Blessings XX

    1. Thank you Mia, I think the recipe pic is one of the best yet one of the quickest to do - it just looked right first attempt. And yes it is fun, time-consuming but fun.

  3. Oh, my goodness, this is wonderful- the webinar must be excellent! Isn't it fun learning and playing with a new hobby? Thank you for sharing this at Treasure Box Tuesday! :)

    1. Hi again Joy, the webinar was good but the graphics tutorial videos are really good and where the tutorial just whetted the appetite the tutorials taught me how to do all the things, still learning from them too.

  4. I would love to join something like this. I need to learn more about working on my pictures. Thanks for sharing with us at the Four Seasons Blog Hop. I am sharing this.

    1. Hi again Betty, I am so glad I did do it because now all my pics on my blogs will be my own or free pics then embellished by me, and you know the sense of satisfaction you get when you have created something yourself.

  5. Oh wow, what a fantastic thing to do-I'd love to try something like this. I can understand why you're enjoying it so much and housework is always something that slips down my lists #thethemegame

  6. What a wonderful course. I know it's something I should look into. I constantly see blogs and posts and sites with fabulous graphics and it seems beyond my skill set. Thanks for the link - I will look into it. Love your examples. The recipe and the slide are especially cool.

  7. I think learning something new is a perfect excuse to ignoring the housework!

  8. I've taken a few webinars and really enjoyed them.

    This one sounds particularly neat!

    If I ever feel inspired to do something again, this just might be it!

    Thank you for the recommendation.

    And thank you for linking.