Thursday, 3 October 2013

Do ALL Men Rush In?

iOS 7  No! No! No!
That is what I said after looking around on the internet to see what people were writing about this new Apple Operating System.

                             I decided for me that I was not updating my ipad to it.

"You'll have to eventually" said my husband because everything is going to be suited to it and then the older systems will be no longer viable.
But that means that people with certain models of ipad will have problems as some can not be compatible with many of the new features of iOS 7 including my husband who has the iPad 2 but he had recently got an iPad Mini so he's ok with it.

Of course my husband is saying this because he just jumped right in and updated to iOS 7 as soon as he got the message in his settings.

Do all men rush in like this?

Do none of them take the time to think about what might be changed first?

Perhaps I am more cautious because of listening to other guys telling me to do something with an app and then finding out that I had lost all my data in that app.  Or even because of the time Apple had to exchange my ipad for another one due to a problem in the ipad and then even though I followed their instructions as to what to do all my data was lost.

Perhaps I care about what things look like and being the easiest and best they can be for me.

Or Perhaps I just don't like change - that's what Fred would say.

Obviously of course it is really geared for the iphone and I think the new interface looks ok on an iphone but I don't like it on an ipad.
Here is a screenshot of my ipad 3 home screen, suits me fine as it is very easy to read

Here is a picture of my husband's ipad 2 home screen, not so easy to read (trying to keep them similar sizes to be fair).

His just seems kind of washed out and not as distinct as mine.  Now I know you may say "different background picture" but they are not so different as they are both in two shades of blue but my icons are much clearer especially on the Task Bar.

Here is a picture of his ipad mini home screen, even when I enlarge the picture it is still not easy to read

It is clear from the pictures above that the icons are not as bold and distinct in iOS 7 as they previously were.
OK so Apple want to change their icons as well as the look of the screen but they are also making the app developers change their icons too so that they are more flat then before, so all of the icons are going to be less bold and distinct.

Because of the new font the app names are harder to read, very clearly displayed above in these pics.
I wear my reading glasses when on the ipad and  now I'm finding it harder to see the writing on Fred's ipad so what about other people, are ipads and iOS 7 only for those with 20/20 vision?

There is more movement as we open and close apps now than there was before.
The 3d or layered effect on the homescreen also gives a movement effect as you move the ipad.  These things are not so good for me as I suffer from vertigo and this type of thing can set it off.
I asked Apple about this and they said I can go into settings somewhere and change things so that this is not as noticable, or something like that.  (I hope I kept that email as I may need to know that later if my husband is right)

The update is out already to correct the booboos that Apple made especially around security with this new system, but that doesn't help in what I'm considering.

 So many reviewers are saying it is great but then they are ones who write for magazines, websites or have their own (money-making) blogs and also they seem to be relating their comments more to the iphone.

As I have stated in my blog on previous occasions  I LOVE MY iPAD and use it constantly through the day so I don't want these kinds of changes.

Is is unfair of me to think that Apple should give us more of a choice as to whether we have to have so much change?

Could there not have been a way for some of us to have kept more of the previous feel to our iPads but still have a newer Operating System?

So is it only the women who would feel like this and all the men would just rush in
 and say 
"Oh that's the way it is so it has to be accepted"?


  1. I don't know if it's a man or a woman thing - but I do know that I'll wait until all the bugs have been worked out before I update my iPad! :)