Easy Delicious Ribs

You know how you just accidentally make a meal and it is just delicious so you want to make it a regular one in your household?

Fancy one involving ribs?

Well this is one of those!

A few weeks ago my husband and I had bought some ribs and we didn't want to spend lots of time looking after them, you know marinading them, browning them and coating them because we are just a bit lazy about cooking and would rather spend time on other projects.

So we thought why not bung them in the oven with the vegetables and cook them all together and of course when we weren't trying to have a fantastic meal that is exactly what we got.

Then the other day we thought we would try to replicate the meal and this is what we got

This picture was taken on my ipad just after I lifted it out of the oven, just wish you could smell it!

So with another success I decided to put the recipe into my recipe app and you can see it below

I am glad we are not like this about all aspects of our life because you can not just act haphazardly in things like family relationships and friendships.

Some things need time spent on them and care given to them and then we will see successes there too.

But of course not having to spend too much time on making our meals means 
that we have more time for those other things.

Let me know if you try out this recipe.

Or indeed let me know if you agree with less time on preparation and more time on relationships.