Thursday, 28 November 2013

Kids Songs - Where are they?

Every so often I would go on google and see if I could find some powerpoints for christian kids songs only to be disappointed at the lack of materials available.

Do churches, Sunday Schools, Kids Clubs not want to have illustrated kids songs for their children to sing?

Do they only want to use lines and lines of text to project for the kids?

Do they only want to use videos clips of kids songs?

In our church we have a kids slot at the start of each Sunday morning Service and no matter whether we have a little illustrative talk or a little puzzle or a recap of what has been going on in Sunday School we practically always have a kids song for the whole congregation to join in.

Sometimes the children will hold up illustrated cards of the song but mostly we project the songs on the screen in church and we (or is it just I) like them to be well illustrated to be attractive for the kids and everyone else to look at.

We prefer not to show video clips as everyone seems to sing better when we have the accompanying music played by the worship leader.

 In any kids work that I have done (over many, many years) I have always tried to have good visual aids but now some are rather outdated and of course technology has taken over and so I'm looking for good powerpoints to use with our songs.

 But I just have bother finding them!

So far I have found a few sites and have been thankful for them but without spending a lot of money it has been difficult.

       Hence the solution was

 I just got in and made them myself 

       and I'm thankful for pictures that I have been able to use without any problems with copyright for projecting in church or printing.

This solution of course means that I can have visuals for older songs and for more modern ones so we can have a wide variety of songs for the kids and always have ones that will go with the theme of the story or point we are making.

Here's an example of one of the songs I have made into a visual.

Here are a list of the sites I had found.

Some have free resources and some are not free but it really looks like there is not much to pick from out there even if you are willing to pay a lot.

Click on the Site Logos below to see what they offer for Christian kids songs.

The best I found was Hebron and they are free.

Please if you know of any others leave a comment to let me know.

What does your church do?  
Do they buy?  use You Tube videos?  create their own slides?

I'm seriously thinking of setting up a site for songs - what do you think?

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