Sunday, 1 December 2013

Paul Walker is dead - 5 + 2 Facts you Need to Know!

Perhaps I need to explain here that I did not even know who this person was until
          I saw a facebook status from my niece and decided to look him up.

That was when I saw a newspaper article online this morning with the title

"Paul Walker is dead - 5 facts you need to know."

I knew by the early time it had been written that there may not even have been 5 true facts known about his death so decided to take a look at it which lead me to some of the tweets by celebrities.

This so disheartened me that I had to write my own post to explain some of the things I had read that they should never have written

1. When you are dead you do not automatically go to Heaven and someone cannot wish you to be at peace, it has already been decided where you are.  You have made the decision yourself by trusting in Jesus or rejecting Him before you die.

2. When you die you do not become an angel, the Bible clearly tells us that we are human beings and angels are heavenly beings and states the differences between us one of which is the angels do not need salvation but we do.

3. We can not pray for or bless anyone after they are dead, in the Bible it clearly showed us that those alive cannot help those who are dead and vice versa in the teaching of Jesus about the rich man & Lazarus who both died and the rich man wanted to warn his family about the state he was in and also wanted Lazarus to come and wet his lips.

4. Those who do go to Heaven when they die will not be the great stars there, the Bible tells us that in Heaven there will only be praise for Jesus.

5. God does not need our help in Heaven, He is the Almighty One.

          “Him and his buddy, his brother in arms at heart just decided to joyride, take a spin. Something we all do. We’re all car enthusiasts. ... We’re all here driving, enjoying each other, and God must’ve needed help,” said Antonio Holmes, who said he was a friend of Walker.

                          Taken from a statement from Antonio Holmes online in SignalSCV

6. This is how we should react in these sad occasions of death, lets use the time to think of others whom we can pray for or help.

7. Let me leave you with this truth.
                         You need to be ready when it comes your time to die
Do you think that all that matters is enjoying life to the full now being healthy and happy and having good friends and family?
Or do you realise that there is something much more important than all that - your eternal destination, will it be with God or without God?

We are all saddened by the fact that this young man has died but perhaps we can learn from this event.

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