Tuesday, 10 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 10

It's Tuesday again and our 10th day of Advent.

This morning I got the Christmas Cards for the UK written and off in the post.

I always feel I'm getting on better once the majority of the cards are off.

Then the next thing on the agenda for Christmas really had to be the decorations.

We do not put up as many decorations as we used to and have given away several of the more childish things as the kids have got older, but still every year Fred will say

"Let's not put up too much this year."

He is usually rather predictable this husband of mine but when I said about the decorations tonight he just asked which boxes I wanted him to bring in from the garage to begin with.

I thought we would start with the Lounge and then the Hall so he brought those 3 boxes in and we worked together nicely putting up decorations, discussing where we had put certain things last year and then realised we were putting them in completely different places this year.  For example the kids Santa hats from when they were small are now always put out as decorations and we couldn't understand why we never thought to put them in this place during the other two Christmases in this house, but now we think this is the obvious place for them.

The kids Santa hats alongside their picture from Primary School

After we had done those two rooms and had packed the other ornaments away we decided to just leave the rest for tomorrow.

So that was our job this evening after an early dinner and now we can relax

One of my favourite decorations is a little nativity scene with candles that the members of our church homegroup in Belgium gave to us as a farewell gift when we were returning to Northern Ireland in 2010

Special because it centres around the birth of Jesus and special because it reminds us of dear friends with whom we spent quite a few years and many times of worship.  I am thankful for these friends and thankful for the great memories.

The candles are lit and then the hot air from them rises and makes the windmill type top rotate, which also rotates the manger & Mary & Joseph.

Do you have a decoration that is special to you because of the memory it evokes?


  1. I didn't put up as many Christmas decorations this year myself. Some lose their meaning over the years, and others take their place. My favorite decorations are ornaments on the tree that we bought from various places on trips. Brings back good memories every time.

    1. True Lisa, we remember our happy time living in America every time we put on specific tree decorations the children got there when they were young.

  2. The nativity with candles is lovely. I enjoy putting a creche scene on our foyer table. And I add a group of ceramic angels to the scene. Blessings as we walk through these days of advent!

    1. Thank you Carol, yes I love little nativities, keeping us focused on Jesus at this time.

    2. The nativity scene is really unique and beautiful. I love the Christmas ornaments my children have made in years past with their little hands.

  3. Hi Laura, Thanks for dropping in. It's good each year to remember the other happy times we have had with our children and somehow Christmas Decorations are just a great reminder.