Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 11

It's Wednesday and Day 11 of Advent.

Time is moving on and I really had to get on with the presents so part of today was devoted to getting as many of the presents sorted as possible.

I like to get presents that people will like but I'm always conscious of the fact that my taste my not be the same as everyone else's.

By the middle of the afternoon I had really progressed with my presents list and was feeling very positive about it so I took a break.

Also, because I have to agree with Costa Coffee this year about little moments of Festive Fun, I had a coffee and did some blog hopping.

The only thing missing was the Lemon & Poppyseed Muffin which I love from Costa Coffee but there are just so many calories in it and I have to be good, sometimes.

Then this evening it was time for the second stage of the Christmas decorations.

This means that we now have also done the dining room and the kitchen as well as the lounge and hall from yesterday and again a nice easy going time.

Again a lovely happy memory from another decoration.

Another one that we were given in Belgium shortly before we left from a young couple and their little boy who we had grown to love in just a few months.  Thank goodness we can keep in touch on facebook etc.

Time for a little update on the Advent reading plan since Day 7

8.  We have joy because we worship Jesus the King
9.  We have joy because we know about Jesus
10.  We have joy because we are led to Jesus
11.  We have joy because Jesus has the victory over satan

I am thankful for the Hope and the Joy that we are reminded of during this Advent time.

Are you making time to remember the Joy of this Christmas time in the midst of the busy days?

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