Friday, 13 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 13

It's Friday and our 13th day of Advent 

Today along with the housework I got to thinking of "Our Christmas Memories".

Londonderry, Northern Ireland
The kids were young and each year my sister and I would take it in turns to host Christmas Day for both families and our parents and then the other would host New Years Day (just an excuse for a second Christmas Dinner really).
My second boy is only 6 months older than my sisters first boy (she had a girl & 2 boys while I had 2 boys & a girl) and they have been best friends all of their lives.
Well one year her boy Glen got a Ghost Busters outfit and backpack thing as part of his Christmas presents and we often laugh when we remember how our boy Daniel had taken the backpack and poor Glen was running around our lounge pleading with Daniel to give it back.
Why do kids often enjoy playing with someone else's present more than their own?

Delaware, USA

At the back of our house in Delaware 

We moved to Delaware at the start of November 1992.  So we were not long in the house there when it came to Christmas.  This was the first time we were away from family for Christmas and it really seemed so different and very quiet with only the 5 of us compared to what would have been 10 if we had been back home.  Also it was the first Christmas for my sister's second boy Lee as he had only been 6 months old when we left NI so we missed him especially.
2 years later my Christmas memory was that of telling our oldest boy that we were Santa but then having him help us as we prepared the Santa sacks for his brother and sister.

Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Our House in Londonderry with the 3 kids washing the car

Something I loved each year there was the fact that Fred would put coloured Christmas lights around the arched doorway and arched window of our porch.  This looked as you drove along the main road past our house and I always found it very welcoming when I would arrive home on a dark wet day (and we are talking of NI here so there were many of those types of days).
I miss the fact that we don't have any arched windows now because I love arches and we don't put lights round our doorway.

Tervuren, Belgium

December 2010 when we were leaving Tervuren

We lived here for 6 and a half years but the two memories that immediately spring to mind are to do with other people.
One year we decided to invite people from church who would be on their own for Christmas.  So along with the 5 of us we had a lady from the Phillipines, a girl from Kenya, and a young man from South America eating a regular British Christmas Dinner with us.  We still tease the Kenyan girl about the vegetables as she was not a great vegetable eater just like our Daniel.
Another year we had Sharon come to stay with us for 4 weeks over Christmas because her home was in South Korea and she was studying at the Bible College that our oldest son Jonathan was at.  The college closed up for the holiday and it was too far and too expensive for her to travel home. Sharon introduced us to Bulgogi and vegetable pancakes which we loved and we introduced her to Roast Potatoes which she loved.  During that Christmas we all went to see the nativity in the Grand Place in Brussels and lost Sharon in the crowd and that story has been told on a great number of occasions.

Banbridge, Northern Ireland
December 2010 when we moved to Banbridge
This will be our fourth Christmas here and the best memory is probably that of how last year we had all of us and my sister's family here with us including our niece's husband and their 6 month old baby boy (after 13 years of marriage).
Then this year we will make 2 new memories.
This will be the first Christmas without our daughter Linda who is now working in South Korea (and sees Sharon there).  Linda will also not be with us for her birthday for the first time too as it is a few days after Christmas.
The other memory will be that this is the first time we have a new member of our family with us, our daughter-in-law Suzie.  So of course then it also leads us to wonder when we will have another new member of the family with us for Christmas?

Tonight Fred and I put lights up on the Christmas Tree that is outside the front of our house.  
The house we bought here has a Christmas Tree planted in the garden and it is quite tall (you can see it in the picture above).
Each year I have said we should get lights for it but Fred didn't seem interested, then today he suggested we go buy lights and now we have blue and white lights outside our dining room window.

                      So I guess we have yet a third memory included for this house now.

The event we are meant to celebrate at Christmas is not a memory for us.
We were not there when it happened so we cannot remember the event but just because we were not there does not mean it was not important to us.
In fact it was one of the most important events for each one of us, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ came to earth to live like us so that he could then die a human death in our place.

I am always amazed that this event is crowded out so much each Christmas as people want to have a special time of giving and receiving but they are not giving and receiving the Saving Love of Jesus.

Do you know the Saving Love of Jesus?


  1. Hello! I'm your neighbor at Faith Filled Friday. I enjoyed reading about your Christmas memories! You inspired me to take a look down my own memory lane. May God bless you and your family with more amazing Christmas memories!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Anna, memories can be a great source of enjoyment and inspiration for giving thanks