Monday, 16 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 16

It's Monday again and our 16th day of Advent.

So what did I do for Christmas today?

Those last minute cards went off today.
 You know the ones that had a change of address since last year or the ones for which I just didn't have the address where I thought I had it.

I also got our daughter's birthday card off to South Korea because her birthday is a few days after Christmas.

Then some more Christmas presents got sorted out.
Unfortunately not all of the presents are sorted but then sometimes technology does let me down.  A website of a leading department store would not let me buy something at the weekend at the special sale price they stated for the weekend and then today it was up to full price again but the site still was problematic, hence one of the presents I thought was not going to be a problem is now not sorted.

                       New inspiration Please!

 So preparations for Christmas are progressing just okay.

However it is nice to not be too rushed about things and to be able to sit down and relax with a DVD as we did tonight.

We can also enjoy the Christmas cards and letters we have received so far.

Here is one from my cousin, I think it is gorgeous and would love to be able to design something like this

Here is another Manger scene card from friends back in our home town

Don't you just feel peaceful looking at these cards?

Time for a little update on the Advent reading plan since Day 11

12.  We have a true high Priest in Jesus
13.  We have a Saviour who is at the right hand of God
14.  We have a mediator in Jesus
15.  We have life because Jesus came 

I hope you are having some rest and peace during your preparations for Christmas too.

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