Tuesday, 17 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 17

This is Tuesday our 17th day of Advent

I took some time today to sit and listen to an old Christmas Music collection that my son had found on YouTube.

It was a compilation of Christmas songs by Max Bygraves which my kids used to listen to on the way to school with their cousins.  Their uncle played this same album in the car all through December every year and they all used to moan and groan about it but now it has turned into a fond Christmas memory.
On You tube it is in several parts to cover the whole album, the first part is here if you want to have a listen.

I was writing about memories on Friday and I am back on memories today again.  

That is something that Christmas does in us, it stirs up memories.

Today I was thinking about how the memory of the first Christmas with Jesus coming to live on earth in God's plan of Salvation brought Mary to the anticipation of this Salvation.

Then how the memory of working alongside Jesus and knowing Him gave the disciples the faith to proclaim the Saviour and that He would return one day.

And because we know God's word came true about Jesus coming to be the Saviour of the world then we can trust that His word will come true about the return of Jesus too.

So the first Christmas leads us to the anticipation of the return of Jesus hence the celebration of Advent, where we are awaiting His Coming.

           Advent means arrival or appearance

Are you awaiting His arrival or appearance ?  

Have you trusted in Jesus and believe when He said He would come again?


  1. Christmas definitely stirs up memories. Mostly good ones for me, thankfully. But it makes me miss my parents because they were always an integral part of those good memories. Listening to the song right now and smiling. :)

    1. Hi again Lisa, yes I know what you mean about missing our parents, old memories are good and new memories we are making now will be good too.