Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 18

It's Wednesday and it's the 18th day of Advent.

It is also the day our oldest son Jonathan arrives from Leeds!

So you can all guess some of the things I was up to today but some of the others might surprise you.

  • A bedroom had to be dusted and hoovered.
  • An ensuite had to be cleaned.
  • A bed had to be made.
  • A check of "plain biscuits" (this son nibbles on plain biscuits regularly throughout the day).
  • A check of "Northern Ireland Tea" (this son always goes back home with a supply of Northern Ireland Punjana Tea which is hard to get in England).
  • A certain Agatha Christie Poirot novel had to be started (the two of us are looking forward to sitting down one day to watch "Curtain" which I recorded when it was on ITV a few weeks ago and we had decided to reread the book first).

I bet you didn't guess the last 3 things!

It will feel even more like Christmas once Jonathan arrives as no doubt there will be renditions of
                                                                                      which is His favourite Advent hymn.

I think there may also be

Lots of talk about blogs as he is also a blogger.
Lots of talk about church as he is a Pastor.
Lots of talk about books as he is an avid reader.
Lots of talk about food as he loves to eat.

Of course I can say all this because I know him so well.

Which makes me think about something Fred & I and a couple of friends were talking about last night. 

How can we express ourselves towards Jesus if we do not know Him well.  
Surely we will run out of words to describe Him, to praise Him and to worship Him.

Do you know Him well?


  1. I love the festive undercurrents to the post.

  2. That's interesting that it's easier to find the tea here than in England.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  3. Punjana tea. That would be fun to try!

    Such a joyful post for the letter J.