Thursday, 19 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 19

Today is the last Thursday of Advent which means that Christmas Day is fast approaching.

Christmas Food order delivered this morning.
A very important aspect of our preparations for Christmas as we all do want to enjoy our Christmas meals together.

Then there was the Hairdressers this afternoon.

And of course the frequent cuppas with Fred and Jonathan.

The only problem is there is too much chat goes on when there is another one of the Black Family in the house.

And then when another one of the family decides to face time from South Korea, the big question is who gets talking when? 

It is lovely to talk to our kids and see them chat and laugh together even though they are miles away. 

 I'm sure God smiles when he sees us enjoying those times together but He also smiles when we enjoy times together chatting to Him.

Time for a little update on the Advent reading plan since Day 15

16.  We know that Jesus Christ is Lord
17.  We know that God gave Jesus to bring freedom and Joy 
18.  We know that Jesus wants to send us to others 
19.  We know that Jesus has the power over satan so that we can be free

Are you still enjoying this time of preparation in the run up to Christmas?

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