Sunday, 22 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 22

  This is the Fourth & last Sunday of Advent.

In church today we sang the Christmas Song  "Tis Christmas" with the children.

'Tis Christmas, 'Tis Christmas
The Christmas Bells ring
The Birthday of Jesus our Saviour and king
Tis Christmas, Tis Christmas
Our Bible recalls 
The Birthday of Jesus 

God's Love Gift to all. 

We had already looked at Hope, Joy, & Peace being three things that Advent makes us anticipate and the other one of the four is

 So what could be more fitting than singing about Jesus as God's Love Gift to us because that is exactly what Jesus is.

Tonight in Church we are having a Baptism Service where some young adults are getting baptised in response to the Gift of Love they have accepted from God through the Saving Grace of Jesus.

Here is another very short video for Advent

Do you know this Saving Grace of Jesus?

Have you accepted this Gift of Love from God?

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