Monday, 23 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 23

  The last Monday of Advent.

Another card arrived that I loved.  
It matches in with the "Away in a Manger" one that I featured in an earlier post.  Then when I opened it I discovered it was from our son and new daughter-in-law, so love it even more now.

Presents are all wrapped now and Fred, Jonathan & I have had a good deal of relaxing time today watching the Danish TV Series of Borgen.    
We finished the first series and are hooked.

Even got time to do a bit of graphics work on pics I had taken, nice not to be too rushed and busy.

Jonathan & Fred have both been playing the guitar and the Sing-along that I mentioned in an earlier post has been playing when they haven't, so plenty of Christmas music today.

Time for a little update on the Advent reading plan since Day 19

20.  We know that Jesus came to destroy the works of satan.
21.  We know that Jesus came to bear witness to the truth.
22.  We know that Jesus came so that we can believe in Him and have life in His name.
23.  We know that Jesus came to reconcile us to God.

Do you know why Jesus came to earth?

Are you glad that Jesus came?

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