Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 3

Today is Tuesday and the first main thing I have been doing today is designing some Christmas graphics for use in church and my blog.

I made a pic to put on the announcement for the Kids Club Christmas Party

Because this is just a pic to go on the announcement it will be able to be used again next year.

On the Sunday before Christmas we are having a special Baptismal Service in Church so the next graphic to be tackled today was this one. It's a full announcement slide on its own so only a one off because the date is incorporated into the whole thing.

I love the way the text & the frame can be done in the same colour as part of the picture so that everything blends in.  I also wanted it to be very clean and fresh looking.
So glad I started the graphics course to be able to do this better.

So what about the blog?
Well the graphic for the top left of the blog was designed a few days ago but each day I have to take a saved partly made one and add the new date so today I have finished off all of the rest of these that I will need this month.
................right up to 24

These are all very practical things to do and have taken up a quite a bit of time but the other thing that I can do while I am doing this is to pray about each event and blog post involved in this.

It also makes me very happy to think of all the events in church leading up to Christmas, the Christmas Dinner together with friends and family on Saturday, the Carol Service on Sunday, the kids party on Monday and then the Baptismal Service. 

These are all great things to be looking forward to just as we look forward to Christ's coming during this Advent time.

The second main thing today is making out my Christmas Food shopping list.

Well we do have to think ahead and plan the meals and then make the lists at this time of year and of course a lot of it depends on how many people we will have around for meals and how long the kids will be with us.

Our oldest son Jonathan will be with us from Tuesday 18th Dec until Friday 3rd January so that means plenty of plain biscuits, salt & vinegar Tayto crisps (he can't get them in Leeds), tea, coffee and extra milk to name a few of the things he is used to seeing in the cupboards.

Our other son Daniel and his wife Suzie will be here at various times through the Christmas period but our daughter Linda will not be coming over from South Korea (we will facetime on different days and make her jealous that we have roast potatoes and she doesn't).

I am happy we can have family and friends round to eat with us and there are some people in our church who are on their own and we are looking forward to giving them a nice meal & spend more time with them too.

I hope that you have your shopping list made and are planning to spend time with others who may be lonely this year.

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