Wednesday, 4 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 4

This is Wednesday and our fourth day of Advent.

Today I have been writing our Christmas cards for the UK and the rest of Europe.  This is not too big an amount of cards as a lot of our friends within Europe will be getting eCards from us.

Christmas Card 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

eCard 2013

Also doing the cards for my little group of university mates because we are getting together this evening for a meal and catch-up chat.  It's been a year since we met up like this but before that it was over 7 years since we all met together because Fred & I had been living in Belgium.

Isn't it lovely that we can have friends that even though we don't see them often we can still fall easily into conversation again.  it was great to catch up last year and will be good this year again.

Before I did the cards I was reading my daily portion of the "Good News of Great Joy" Advent Reading Plan in my YouVersion app.

So far in these four days I have been reading about how

  1. We need to be prepared by preparing our hearts for what God is going to do
  2. We have Hope because we are part of God's Plan
  3. We have Hope because God has provided our Salvation in Jesus
  4. We have Hope because God will provide for us to be in the right place with Him

I found this short video which also links in with the Hope I have been talking about

I am so thankful we can have this Hope are you?

If you are interested in knowing more about the Hope we have in Jesus leave me a comment and I'll let you know where you can read more.


  1. I love this time of year. So often I get to reconnect with many of my friends through Christmas visits home, phone calls, newsletters or e-cards. No matter how we connect it's always welcomed and appreciated.

    1. Thanks for dropping in Michelle. Yes so good to reconnect no matter where in the world we are.