Saturday, 7 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 7

Tonight is our Church Christmas Dinner.

But before I thought about what I would wear tonight I had all the usual housework things to do even without having got the decorations up last night.

That's right, things did not go as planned in our house yesterday evening.
A few phone calls and then getting enticed into watching a bit of TV and there wasn't enough time to do the decorations.  So we will have to tackle those another day.

However it is Saturday and we like a lazy start on a Saturday morning so we still had that.

I did take a little time this morning to think about presents again but no great ideas lept out at me so no progress there.

Our first Christmas card arrived today all about angels, and yes we want to Adore Jesus, lovely.

Today our preparations for Christmas were mostly based around tomorrow's events.

In the morning church service Fred is the worship leader so we were working on the mix of worship songs and Christmas carols for that Service, then we had to practice a song as we have been asked to sing at the Carol Service in the evening.
Now we had picked a new song to sing so a good amount of practice was needed to make sure we had the tune and timing correct but then we agreed that the first four lines of the song did not really relate to us or the people we would be singing to; so that meant new words to be written and that takes time.

Later there was some time to think about what we and I stress WE would wear tonight.  Fred likes to leave any thought about clothes until he gets out of the shower and has to get dressed but then wonders why he can't wear a certain shirt - because he wore it very recently and it is still waiting to be ironed or it hasn't even been washed yet.

I had bought a nice red dress when we were visiting our daughter in South Korea this year so I decided to go with that and a dressy long white cardigan which I wore on the evening of our son's wedding so I was rather easily sorted but Fred?

             Well lets just say even at this time he has still not thought about his clothes.

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