Sunday, 8 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 8

This is the 2nd Sunday of Advent

During Advent we think of various things about Jesus coming to earth as He did at His birth and as He will again in the future.

Just a little update on the Advent reading plan since Wednesday Day 4

5.  We have hope because Jesus came to earth as one of us
6.  We have hope because Jesus brings Peace
7.  We have hope because Jesus is The Messiah

One of the things I have already thought about in the previous posts is the Hope we have because of Jesus but today I want to consider the

 we have in Him.

The children in Sunday School are into their first story leading up to Christmas.  They are looking at "Reassured by an Angel" telling the story of the angel message to Mary, then the angel message to Joseph and the birth of Jesus.

So when I was doing the children's slot at the start of our service this morning I talked about Joy because the messages by the angel to Mary and Joseph resulted in great joy for them.

We sang two choruses about Joy.
One is an old one but it doesn't matter about whether things are old or new but whether they help to teach our children about the truths in the Bible.

The other is a Christmas one about Joy which is sung to the tune of "Jesus loves me this I know" 

Are you full of Joy as you think of Christmas?


  1. Christmas is such a beautiful time. Its impossible not to hold joy in heart

  2. I just can't think of Christmas until after Halloween.

  3. Joy.

    Something I try and find every single day.

    Thanks for the sweet reminder!

    And thanks for linking to the letter J.