Monday, 9 December 2013

What are you doing for Christmas? Day 9

Monday is usually our Kids Bible Club at one of the primary schools near our church but today was special as we had our Christmas Party.

Food galore for the kids, followed by quick recap on some of stories of Jesus we had covered this term reminding the children of how special Jesus is yet He still loves us and came to earth to die for us.  Important to make sure the focus of Christmas is Jesus as most of the time it is presents and food for these kids.

Then the games which are the highlight of any club with the kids.

It is difficult to tie in games with the theme of a day but we try and sometimes we are successful.
For the day that we told about the miracle of the Feeding of the 5,000 we had a relay game with paper bowls in which they had to put 5 small pics of loaves and 2 small pics of fish and run without dropping any of them out of the bowl.
For Jesus healing Blind Bartimaeus of course it's a game of Blind Man's Bluff and of course Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose is great because all you have to do is change duck and Goose to two other words to fit in with a variety of stories.

Today it was pin the tail on the donkey and the trunk on the elephant.  Then the old favourite of pass the parcel, followed by Musical statues.

I had some Christmas balloons so we had them blown up and placed around but when you are meeting in a school gym and only have 10 mins to set everything up before the kids come in there isn't enough time to do a lot of decorating.

Some prizes for the ones who did best in the games and then off home with notes to say when we would be starting back after Christmas.  A good afternoon,  happy kids and happy leaders even if tired and maybe the odd sore head?

Back home with a coffee and my Advent Reading Plan for today and a little time of relaxing before I need to make dinner and get ready to head out to another meeting at church tonight.

So really not enough time to tackle the decorations today again!  

This means plans are a bit behind but I am always willing to be flexible and a really a bit of downtime is needed now and again.

Are you behind in what you had been planning for this run up to Christmas?
Or did you have your decorations up nice and early and everything else running smoothly?

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