Friday, 14 February 2014

The DREADED Kitchen! - Housework / Funwork

I have entitled this

"The DREADED Kitchen!"

because that is usually how I feel about cleaning and sorting it out mainly because it just entails so much.

Well really the first thing that had to be done was...

                            ...Oh come on now if you have read any of the other posts in this series you have got to know what is coming next


So out comes the iPad again (really it never leaves my side anyway) and into that Todo list app I love and told you about in  Housework / Funwork 5 - Did I do Well?


Title of list   OVERHAUL - KITCHEN 

This is the list of all the things I need to do in order to completely springclean the kitchen.

Unfortunately this was going to be a much longer list than the one for the Ensuite (only 11 tasks)  and the one for the Master Bedroom (15 tasks) and some of these tasks in the kitchen are going to be big jobs.

Now something else was needed while I was having to concentrate to compile this list.

                          Yes it was 
                         I love this time.

Okay I got the list done and although it sort of depressed me at first to see the extent of this list at least I could now use the list to decide which things to do each day and and have a good sense of how much was getting done.

Because this list is so long and cannot be shown on one screen on the app I will give a "shorter" adaptation of it here

  • Each of the Wall cupboards starting from one end and going round to other end
  • Each of the Bottom cupboards in same way
  • Each of the 5 single drawers in same way
  • Each of the 4 drawers in The drawer unit
  • Fridge
  • Fridge Freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Fronts of all drawers and cupboards plus Top and bottom trims of wood
  • Table & Chairs
  • Oven & Hob
  • Window
  • Wall Tiles
  • Floor
  • Rest of woodwork
  • Suite in sitting area
  • Unit in sitting area
  • Lights
  • Walls
  • Wall Decorations
  • Objects on Worktops
  • Woorktops


It is best to do the inventory at the same time as the overhaul so the ABFINDIT app was now set up for the kitchen as well .      



I decided to start with the drawers as I felt they would mostly be the simplest areas and I would feel a sense of accomplishment quickly with each of these.

Indeed all of the single drawers are small and not used for things that would make them get very dirty so they were quickly emptied, cleaned and the contents washed and dried and returned to the drawers.

The set of drawers was a bigger job.

The Top Drawer was the one that was in best order because it contained the everyday cutlery and some extra knives and all of this was organised in a blue cutlery insert which fits the drawer perfectly.

All I had to do was take everything out and put it in the dishwasher, wash out the cutlery insert and then replace everything just leaving a few things to go into a different drawer.

Top Drawer

The Third Drawer was easy enough  -   just sorting through all the Tea towels & Dish cloths to see which to keep and which to relegate to Utility Room as cleaning cloths. 
Then getting them washed and back into the drawer.

The Bottom Drawer was a bit more time consuming.
I moved out the placemats and coasters to the Dining Room (these are extra ones as I keep the ones used everyday on the table in a rack.  
Kept the new pot holders and oven gloves that are in reserve in the drawer and used the rest of the space for the larger and seldom used items from the second drawer.

The Second Drawer was the main problem.

I think this explains it all
Second Drawer  -  BEFORE

Yes it really was brimming over like this and some things actually fell out at the back as I lifted the drawer out.  You can hardly see that there are grey plastic containers of different sizes which all fit together snugly in the drawer and should hold everything neatly but don't at the moment.

I had decided to rearrange some of the content from this drawer into the bottom drawer so that we would be able to find what we wanted straight away instead of having to rummage through the drawer every time.  But that means that the extra tablemats and coasters in the bottom drawer will have to move to the Dining Room (ah well I'll slip them into one of the dresser cupboards and then sort it all out when it comes the month for the Dining Room).

So everything was taken out of the second drawer, washed, dried, sorted and left sitting on the table arranged in piles of the same type of things and .....
       ..... well that's where it sat overnight and still is as I write this but it will be back into the drawer latter today,  I promise Fred.

Lists created so far
Rooms in House   (Notebook originally)                      Spreadsheet              wk. 1
Overhaul & Inventory Year Plan                                 Spreadsheet              wk. 2
Inventory of Rooms                                                  AB FINDIT app            wk. 1 & 2
Yearly Housework & Organising Schedule                    Spreadsheet              wk. 3        
Monthly Daily Weekly Home Schedule                        Spreadsheet               wk. 4
Housework and Home Organising Schedule                 Spreadsheet               wk. 4
Master BedRoom Ensuite Overhaul                             POCKETS LIST app      wk. 4
Master BedRoom Overhaul                                        POCKETS LIST app      wk. 5
Master BedRoom Ensuite Top-Up List                         POCKETS LIST app      wk. 5
Master BedRoom Ensuite ToDo List                            POCKETS LIST app      wk. 5
Master BedRoom Top-Up List                                    POCKETS LIST app      wk. 5
Master BedRoom ToDo List                                       POCKETS LIST app      wk. 5
Daily ToDos                                                            THINGS for ipad app    wk. 6
Weekly ToDos                                                        THINGS for ipad app    wk. 6
Monthly ToDos                                                        THINGS for ipad app    wk. 6
Goals for February                                                   Blog Post                   wk. 6
Kitchen Overhaul                                                    POCKETS LIST app       wk. 7

Do you think I can get everything into that Second Drawer neatly?

Do you manage to cut down on things in your kitchen drawers or just keep adding instead?


  1. My kitchen is a constant battle. I have a lot of tools but I need them all. I keep extra crock pots, roaster ovens and appliances in my attached garage, which help. We have a big family and host parties a lot so I have so much stuff. Thanks for these tips.

    1. Oh Amanda you know how I feel then, it is so difficult to get rid of any of my kitchen stuff for the reasons you have mentioned. Need to get more shelves or something in my Utility room I think, thanks for dropping in.

  2. I need to organize my kitchen! Thanks for sharing this with us at the Four Seasons Blog Hop! I am sharing this post.

    1. Hi again Betty, I do enjoy the 4 Seasons blog hop. Thanks for sharing the post too. Hope you are getting started on the kitchen

  3. Great and interesting post!!


    1. Hi there thanks for dropping by and thanks for the encouragement

  4. I spent all day cleaning my kitchen and it still isn't done. I love how shiny your cutlery is.

    1. Yes I know the kitchen just seems to take up so much time on a regular basis, I'm trying to get it into a decent (quick) system.

  5. i need to do this in my kitchen .. *scuttles off to avoid it a bit longer*

    1. Hi Jaime, I'm good at that too that's why I'm blogging this to help me stop avoiding.

  6. Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  7. When I do a spring cleaning the kitchen (or the rest of my house), I love to break everything down into little pieces so I can cross them off as I do them, lol!

    I don't have a lot of drawers in my kitchen, so I have to stay on top of things and limit what I have or use. Once I discovered I had four potato peelers. I have NO IDEA how I managed to collect that many or where they all came from. But came upon them during a cleaning so I only kept two which is all I needed (my youngest son and I have "potato wars" every Thanksgiving when we are racing to peel them for mashed potatoes). So I just try to go through my drawers and cupboards at least once or twice a year. Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

    1. Yes know it , I had 4 peelers too and actually my husband wasn't too keen on any of them going as he likes the kids (all grown up now) to sit round the table and help with preparations for big get togethers. I had to agree so two are in the main gadget drawer and two got relegated to the bottom drawer.

  8. Love seeing your progress each week! It's look awesome! Thanks for sharing on Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey! Hope to see you again this week!

  9. Thanks for posting this week at the #WWDParty.

  10. program a robot, when it has done your kitchen, send him to me.

  11. I have long ago given up trying to reason with myself over the many ridiculous things I need to keep in my kitchen. It's quite sad, actually...

    1. True, it is just so difficult to say "I won't need this" and let it go

  12. Great post for K ~ am still working on getting my house more 'zen' like ~

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  13. My kitchen needs some serious work.

  14. We're going to move in a few months so I'm organizing everything.

    I have so many lists like this everywhere!

    Thankfully I'm getting a lot of things checked off.

    Thanks for linking to the letter K.


    1. Oh I love the moving for the sake of getting better organised but hate it for the actual chore and packing and unpacking. All the best in your preparation Jenny.