Saturday, 8 March 2014

#100HappyDays - Week 3


The Challenge

is to take a picture of something that makes you happy each day for 100 days and post it on facebook or twitter or google plus, etc.

I have chosen to put it on Facebook each day but also each Saturday I will do an update for the week on my blog.

This week a lot of my posts seemed to feature my husband in some way. Of course with us living on our own and him working from home then I suppose a lot of the things that make me happy will involve him. However he is not normally one for going to the shop just because I want something but he is the one that mostly goes to the shop because I hate supermarkets and prefer to do online grocery shopping.

We do not often go to the cinema but that featured twice this week too. I'm now wondering if a lousy movie counts as one of your date nights? Need to know to see if I'm achieving my Goals for March on the dates with hubby part.

It is great that we can be happy together after all these years even in the little things and we are blessed that we have a 36 year marriage. Which leads me very nicely into this week:


I wasn't feeling too well but this little plaque that is very old ( from sometime before we got married ) made me smile. Still true today.


We had run out of icecream and I wanted something really cold so Fred brought me icecream from the shop.


I walked out of the movie early as it was not at all good, so sitting outside I was cheered up by my bag of chocolate sweets and my cup of Sprite.


I was delighted to see that my "The Man Drawer" Blog Post was the CAN'T MISS featured post on the 4 Seasons Blog Hop this week.


I had run out of HP brown sauce and my great hubby got me a new bottle, it makes my sandwiches taste that extra special


We went to see the movie "Non-Stop" and it was really good, didn't need my drink and chocolates as much as the previous time but enjoyed them too.


I got a message on Google + to tell me that I had been nominated for a newbie blogging award


  1. This is fabulous! I love seeing what makes others happy! Thanks for linking it up with the Faith and Fellowship blog hop! :-)

  2. Awesome! Love see 100 Happy Days! Thanks for sharing on Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey! Hope to see you again this week!

  3. Haha! These are wonderful things to make you happy. I love those old little plaques they bring back so many memories. I use to love looking and reading them as a child. Thank you for sharing your Happy stuff with us at The MaMade Blog Hop