Saturday, 15 March 2014

#100HappyDays - Week 4


The Challenge

is to take a picture of something that makes you happy each day for 100 days and post it on facebook or twitter or google plus, etc.

I have chosen to put it on Facebook each day but also each Saturday I will do an update for the week on my blog.

This week I was struck by the different things that I had chosen as the happy moments.  
It is great to think that none of them involved spending money so who can possible claim that money brings happiness.  

The things that brought happiness this week were things I had made or achieved and memories.  These things were perhaps not perfect and not the most beautiful but I have learned new skills and I am always ready to take some time to enjoy my memories.


I really liked the set of slides I made for our Pastor's sermon this evening.


Happy memories of the ladies I used to meet with each month at the great brunches of the International Christian Womans Club of Brussels.


I had prepared some note cards as prompts for giving my testimony but was happy I didn't need them.


If was a lovely Spring Day and we were able to get started into some work in the garden.


A hug made me very happy when I had a headache

By Holiday Spirit - their pictures are great.


I was happy to finish making this recipe card for my St. Patrick's Day Blog post.


We were working with some photos today and how could I not be happy when I would remember the great times we had last November with A Clown called Dario from Italy

Where does our happiness come from?

                   Not money and not perfection anyway!

Do you agree?


  1. I love this idea, Sandra, how awesome! I'll really try to think about taking snapshots of these moments of happiness :)

    1. Hi Delia, it is lovely taking time each day to consider this, do try it.

  2. Thank you for sharing your happiness with me! I agree - it's not always about BUYING things, but recognizing what you already have. I'm certainly going to be more mindful as I live this week because of your post!

    1. Hi again Lisa, thanks for the encouragement

  3. I recently found out about #100HappyDays and think it sounds like a fantastic idea! Paying attention and remembering what makes us happy each day will definitely change our day to day attitude. I love this way of sharing your happy week in a blog post.

  4. This is a beautiful idea! I write in my gratitude journal daily. It is great to focus on the good things that we are given and the things that make us happy. I have been doing a "year of firsts" this year and it is amazing how it has made me feel. I feel so excited about life. I am visiting from the Four Seasons Blog Hop. I am pinning this! I think I will have to remember to do this!!

    1. thanks for the words of encouragement Betty, "year of firsts" sounds interesting.

  5. A 100 days is out of my imagination at the moment but I bet I could do 10. What a great idea!