Friday, 7 March 2014

NOT the OFFICE!!!!!! - Housework / Funwork 10

It is the
            First Week of March 

and a quick check of the Yearly Schedule shows that the Overhauls and Inventories for this month are the Sun Room and The Office.

                Okay that means it's

Just the thought of the fact that we are going to tackle
 the OFFICE 
does that to me.

Now this is Fred's Office we are talking about.
The room which is designated as His Working Office because for the last 3 years he has been working from home.  So it has a large desk, computers, printer, a two drawer filing cabinet and leads and papers and bags for his work.

This is Fred sitting at his desk.  
Do not ignore the mess behind him because that is just part of what we have to deal with in this Office.  
I hope you like his mug.  I bought it for him last year for either birthday or father's day because he does love spreadsheets (and works on really complicated ones with pivot tables etc. which I cannot cope with like he does) and I love spreadsheets.  
He likes his mug and he likes his chocolate biscuits which I take him in for his afternoon cuppa and I like the fact that he now works from home and I can make him his afternoon cuppa.

However we have several tall bookshelves in this room so it is also home to 

  • the DVD collections most of which are considered to be mine.  Even the ones we watch together will be named as "Sandra's" by Fred.  But let's face it the inventory of these DVDs will be fine with me as you all know by now that I love lists & spreadsheets so I will be quite happy with a coffee and my laptop as I organize this part.  Or I may even try out a new app!
  • manuals for different computer software past and present.
  • Leads, leads, and more leads as "you never know when you might need one", or "that's a spare one for...", or "not sure if we still have the thing that belongs to", or "need to check if I have one of those in church because we might just need one someday"
  • Music books because we are very fond of Christian Worship Music and Fred plays the guitar.
  • odds & ends that didn't find another home when we moved here 3 years ago, or that the movers had put into the office boxes and we don't know why.

As well as the clutter on the shelves this room is also home to

  • Fred's guitar collection
  • another large table/desk for his mac plus other things
  • a smaller computer trolley which needs to find a new home and by this I mean a completely new home away from ours,  it is in very good condition but he has only used it for other things to sit on when he is too lazy to decide where they really should sit.
  • Music stands and mike stands, and yes I mean actually standing on the floor not taken apart and in their boxes and taking up less space
  • so many headphones and earphones that no-one would want to be bothered counting
  • 2 keyboards (music not computer)
  • electronic drum kit

By the end of this month this room needs to be in order (notice I did not say perfect).

I have my idea of how I want to tackle it (methodically) but I have to work with Fred on this one so it may need to be a compromise here.

The Sun Room

is a completely different matter.

Here it is mostly cleaning as it was quite well organised already and there was not too much to inventory, so this room was the first on the list for this month.

Several things have been completed so far

The Inventory of the Sun Room has been completed in my lovely Inventory App

The Overhaul List for Sun Room was made in my Pocket Lists App

The To Do List for the Sun Room has also been completed in Pocket Lists App

I also finished off a few things left over from last month.

I wish all the rooms would be as easy as the Sun Room to inventory don't you?

Just don't mention that OFFICE!


  1. Hehehe! I guess we all have an "office" type room that seems almost impossible to tackle. I love your good-natured attitude about it! Thank you for sharing this at Treasure Box Tuesday! :)

  2. Oh my husband has bookshelves like this too, and I have a home office that I *try* to keep from getting too cluttered, but it can get out of hand quickly. Good luck on those shelves and his stuff!

  3. I have been keeping busy tackling projects. My next two are the laundry room, and linen closet. Thanks for linking up and inspiring at Bacon Time.

  4. I so love the fact you are so so organised! x