Friday, 28 March 2014

Too Busy for Housework? - Housework / Funwork 13

It's the end of the month!

      Did all the jobs get done?      NO

                Is everything ticked off in the lists?      NO

                           Is everything noted in the inventories?      YES  sort of!

Was it all hard work or did we have any fun this week?

One thing I enjoyed about this week was the fact that Fred worked with me in the Office on different evenings to get it all in order and to be honest we did fight, but not enough to fall out about it all.

The biggest problem was trying to sort out all the leads and find containers of different sizes and types to see which would be the best.    I am going to go back to the Lakeland Shop to get more of these cream baskets I had bought there, they have them in lots of different widths and depths and they are a very good price too.

Another long tiresome job was the inventory of this room because it has so much in it.

As you know from last week the Dvds were detailed in a spreadsheet so they were fine for the inventory but the rest of it all could not be done in great detail so numbers of leads, headphones, computer discs etc. were not included but locations were.

If I had tried for the detail I usually put into the Inventory I would now be mental 
and there would be no fun part at all.

Now for the update of the Office Overhaul  (you can remind yourself of how bad it was before from the pics in the Not the Office!!!!! post from two weeks ago).

Just two of the booksheleves and how they looked to start with

Now all 4 bookcases are sorted so that there is no longer the big mixture of everything everywhere

Now remember I had said I wanted things in order not perfect because I knew perfect would never be an option in this room, but let's face it perfect is not really an option anywhere in our house even if I would love it.

However moving things around and taking some things out of the room has meant that I can now enter the office without having to walk around things and the guitars are so much easier to get at now.


And now AFTER

Look at the floor space here!

The last job I did was the To Do list for the Office

Now why did I not get everything done this month?

Simply because I had probably made this month a very intense one with the Sun Room, Office and the Garden all being together on the schedule.

Then Fred & I also went out more this month and relaxed together more this month and took on a Lenten Bible Reading Plan which involves us taking 30 mins each day reading the Bible together so that we have read through the entire New Testament in the 40 days leading up to Easter. See button on side of blog.

Celebrating Fred's Birthday with our son and daughter-in-law

I also took on another Blog series on Saturdays

and I did a guest post "Wee Green Things for March 17th" for another blog in the middle of the month.

So maybe we can say that the Fun part of this month was covered in other things;  just not the housework this time.

Do you think so?

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  1. Organizing and weeding out in the home also 'cleans out the mind, body and spirit ' ~ So I would think you would feel great for a job well done!

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    artmusedog and carol

  2. Yes, I think you made really good progress!

  3. So industrious...Looks greatt♪

  4. Happy Birthday Fred!

    Housework is never done but being organized is always swell.

    Thanks for linking to the letter B.