Thursday, 24 April 2014

40 Day Lent Challenge Review

Fred and I completed our 40 Day Lenten Challenge 

on Easter Sunday.


We had taken the reading challenge because I had seen it advertised on someone's blog and thought it would be nice to do it and then, because Fred is now working from home and has more time due to not commuting each day, we decided to do it together.

It took approximately 30 minutes each day and we read it aloud taking a chapter each.

Some days there were quite a few chapters and other days there were fewer chapters but they were longer chapters.

When I said on Facebook that we were going to do it another couple from our church decided to do it, another friend in church asked for the reading list, a friend in England asked for the info. and another friend in Geneva started it along with a friend of her's.

So with a little bit of contact during Lent we knew others were reading as well and it was a source of encouragement.

We used the You Version app on our iPads but others were using the reading list that was on the website of  Margaret Feinberg the lady who devised the Reading Plan.

The You Version app was handy for us as using the reading plan on it meant that each day when we clicked into the app and hit the reading plan we were at the right place to start again and we could also tick off each chapter as it was completed and have the next chapter appear.

However because I love lists and ticking things off as I complete them I would have been fine with a pdf printout (like below) of the plan and a pen.  Fred is happier with the app as he is not a pen and paper guy.

We mostly read in the mornings after breakfast .

Each morning now that Fred is not commuting to work we have breakfast together and then a short prayer time so when Fred didn't have to rush back to the office (all of the 10 yards from the kitchen) to take an early conference call for work, we would move over to the couch from the table and read together there.

Some days we would do the readings at lunch time instead due to other constraints and sometimes we broke up the reading time into two sessions if we felt we were getting tired and not concentrating well enough.

We never found it a chore.

In fact we enjoyed it.

The only thing was that with so much to read each day we did not take everything in fully.

I had sort of intended that I would jot down some things to look into later but that did not happen.

It is not a study time but is a time of reading God's Word as we are instructed to do and is important as well as pondering and studying and meditating on His Word.


What is the result?

We both decided that we should continue reading together in the same format each day.

So we have started to read the Psalms together to start with and then we will move on to Proverbs and after those we will decide where to continue.

The main difference will be that we are going to read only two chapters each day unless they are very short and then we will read up to four.

Perhaps I will be able to take a few notes on things to look into further after each of our reading times.

Did you follow the Lent Reading Challenge this year?

Did you do a different Reading Challenge?

Maybe you will be interested in following this challenge next year.

For further information on anything mentioned above please click on the images.


  1. How wonderful to have someone (especially your husband) to complete the challenge with you. Reading it aloud together sounds amazing.

    1. Yes Laura, it was encouragement for each other and the reading aloud helps with more concentration.

  2. Lyn and I enjoyed the reading very much as we often discover new truth during the challenge, the challenge helped Lyn and I to talk often and pray together. God^s words is always alive. Thank you Sandra for opening it up to all. May the joy of His resurrection fill our hearts.

    1. Oh Kemi, it just meant so much to me to know that you and Lyn were reading it too even though we were in different countries. It is a good way to be accountable to each other to keep going with it and also good for getting a chance to talk more about His word. Love you and give my love to Sunday &the kids too

  3. Very cool, Sandra. I didn't do a reading challenge specifically for lent (I did something different) but I am reading through the Bible this year and loving it! Thanks for sharing these great insights and for linking up at #EverydayJesus

  4. It is great that you've become inspired to read together daily! Great post :) I hope you can stop by and visit:


  5. I followed the same challenge this year. It added so much to my Lenten season truly. I read from a version I do not typically use so the words fell fresh each day. I enjoyed reading about your experience. Blessings!

    1. Another challenge reader, it is great to hear from you too.

  6. I love the bible app, it helps me to stay on track during a season where life can be chaotic and out of sync. What an accomplishment to reach during lent. Thank you for sharing with the Cozy Reading Spot!


  7. I love the YouVersion Bible App. I read through the Bible each year using it, and added the Gospels during Lent. I love being able to spend that time with the Lord each morning. Before our children were grown my quiet time was a little more sporadic, but now a cherish that time in the Word. Blessings.

    1. Hi Again Deb, yes I understand what you mean about when the children were younger.

  8. How wonderful that you and your husband did the challenge together and that you now plan to continue on spending time in His word together. I just love that. I'm reading through the Bible this year for the first time. While I know I'm behind, I'm grateful for the time in His word and how it's become a part of my morning routine. I believe that is what God is most wanting when we set out to do these challenges. He just wants us. Bless you. Thank you for sharing with TWW.