Friday, 25 April 2014

Catch-Up Time? - Housework / Funwork 16

Having been away over Easter visiting our son in Leeds, I really was supposed to catch up on everything in the last 3 days but that was just impossible because I needed to sleep, eat and chat to our son & daughter-in-law who called down for dinner on Wednesday.

So what DID get done then?

1. Well we tried out a new bag of coffee.

But I don't think that really goes under the Housework title but Funwork works just fine there for me.

2.  I caught up with my blog hops for this week.

Again Funwork for me as I had missed that interaction while I was away.

3.  A parcel had arrived while we were away so I spent some time listening and watching as Fred played with his new musical "toy"  -  it's called a cajon and is a box like thing that you sit on and hit with your hands.

Again Funwork,  I love the way my husband enjoys music and what I sometimes call silly things.

4.  1 wrote an extra Blog Post for yesterday based on the Lent Challenge Fred & I had done for 40 days ending on Easter Sunday.

Mostly Funwork
Definitely not Housework

5.  Fred & I watched a few programmes we had taped while away.

Definitely Funwork, we love to relax and watch things (especially without having to go through ads.)

6.  Had a chat with my sister on the phone.

Have to say Funwork there or she might kill me.

7.  Kept the Kitchen in order with all the worktops clear and clean, dishes washed and fridge stocked up.

This one was Housework but not too tedious.

8.  Unpacked from our trip.

This was also Housework but again not too tedious.

9.  I did the Inventory for the Guest Room Ensuite.

Yes  Housework that was actually on the schedule for this month.


10.  I also did the ToDo list for the other things that need to be considered or tackled later for this Guest Room Ensuite  or items that need to be replenished when I had checked through my Toiletries List for this room.   

                                (POCKET LISTS APP for iPad yet again!)

Yes another thing of Housework that was actually on the schedule for this month but you know how much I love lists so this part sort of falls in the Funwork side for me.

So I may not be able to say I have 
                                                     everything off the schedule for this month.

But I can say there was far more FUNWORK  than  HOUSEWORK

However I will endeavour to catch-up next month.

     (I hope the weather is not too good or this might be hard to do) 


  1. Apparently, you know very well how to prioritize your limited time... thanks for sharing with 4 seasons blog hops. Cheers and have a nice day.

  2. Sounds like you've been busy and happy! Both worthy things...

  3. What a charming linking on catching up!

    Thanks for sharing it.