Friday, 4 April 2014

Guess what I found! - Housework / Funwork 14

New Month,             

                 new rooms to work on.

On the schedule for April we have the Guest Bedroom 
and the Guest Bedroom Ensuite.

This week Fred was away in Luxembourg with work for a few days so I thought I would use the time to really get set in to the Guest Bedroom.

    But my original thoughts are not always what my actions turn out to be.

When we moved into this house we decided that we did not want a lot of bedrooms which would be rarely used but would rather decide on the function of the rooms to better suit us.

Hence we have our Master Bedroom with a Dressing Room and one Guest Bedroom.

We also have a sofa bed in the Sun Room which can easily be pulled out when needed and one of those EZ beds which fold up into a very small size and is stored in our Games Room for easy access to be used in the Dressing Room for the few times a year when we need it.

For 6 months our guest bedroom was used steadily as our daughter had come to live with us for that while between finishing her Masters at university and going to South Korea to teach English.

Other than that it is used a few times a year when our son comes over from England and another few times when my sister and her husband come to visit.

It also has built in wardrobes along one wall from floor to ceiling, some with shelves, some with hanging space and some with drawers so lots of storage there and between us and our daughter we have it filled.

So I started with my favourite list app  Pocket Lists  and produced

The Overhaul List for Guest Bedroom

But before I started into any of these tasks I just went ahead and produced

The Overhaul List for Guest Bedroom Ensuite as well

My excuse?   

Well it was going to have to be done sometime this month!

Then of course I was really into the lists and if you have been reading any of the posts in this series you will know how much I love lists.

So does it really come as a surprise to you that I ended up on the Inventory app ABFindit
and instead of overhauling the Guest Bedroom I started the inventory of it instead.

I really did mean to finish the inventory

              and start sorting out things in the room 

                            but then I was suddenly distracted completely 

because in the bottom of one of the wardrobes was a plain cardboard box 

Can you guess what it might be?

                -  clue is the writing on the top right of box but this is faded now after so many years.

Inside this box was another box

a prettier silvery coloured embossed box.

Any guesses now?

Then inside this box was

our Wedding Album from the 70's

Well that was that; instead of doing any more housework I started doing something I had been talking about doing for ages and ages.

I took my old album apart

                 and took out the pictures

                                   and did some scanning on my printer

so that I have copies of my wedding photos now on the computer (we never had the negatives just this album - oh and that is another story too!)

Some day soon I will create a digital Wedding Album

                                                       and this will be one of the pictures

Of course now I'm well into this a different project which really just should have ended up as one of the things in the ToDo list for this room for after the overhaul and inventory.

But I really enjoyed myself this week so it definitely turned into 


this time.

Did I do right or should I have been more focused?


  1. It's not a race, Sandra, you will get it done this month! After all, it is only five days old. :) (And my husband's and my anniversary! 17 years)

  2. Sometimes the distractions are worth it. And you did accomplish something, just not what you set out to do. Scanning pics is never ending job it seems as we all struggle to archive all those pics before they get lost, damaged or just deteriorate from age (did I say that??)

    Sometimes funwork is worth it!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Beverly, I'll get it done and I don't really mind the distractions - they make it bearable and even fun.

  3. What a sweet picture! You were so right to let yourself be distracted by such a worthy project! If I put scanning pictures on a list to be done later, I would find a million reasons to procrastinate because it is so "boring". Doing it on the spur of the moment and in the excitement of finding the album -- job well done!

  4. You are amazing! What fun to rediscover the best day of your life! Love your thinking. Now if you just lived closer you could organize my those detailed lists!

    1. Hi Dawn, anything to be more enjoyable than boring old cleaning, I need to have fun somhow, thanks for dropping in

  5. I think you did the right thing. They said it's good to stop and smell the roses sometimes, the same goes for photos. It's nice to look at old pictures and reminisce, I know I do that once in a while. :) Thank you for sharing this at the Whatever Wednesday blog hop. I enjoyed reading about your wonderful distraction. :)

    1. Hi Jhanis, I'm glad I found the hop it seems interesting.

  6. Interesting distraction.. well now that you have finished being distracted.. I think should continue and get back to revamping the room :) you can do both projects simultaneously .. so both gets done.

    1. thanks for the encouragement Dominique, and yes I got it done at last.

  7. What a lovely wedding photo!

  8. You did the right thing! It all eventually gets done, why not have a little fun along the way?

    1. exactly, a woman after my own heart. Nothing wrong with a distraction and some fun.

  9. Great goodness, good for you. Good luck with everything.

  10. It just dawned on me that I don't know where our wedding album is since moving last October. I'll have to hunt it down and start scanning. What a good idea.

  11. Oh my word. How funny I ran across ours this week too. Mine didn't have a horse shoe though. That was much later. What a cool find. I enjoyed looking over ours! My G post isn't nearly as nice!
    Have a fun week!

    1. Hi there, I hated that horseshoe but that story will probably be another blog post some day.

  12. What a delicious discovery on a day set for purpose!

    Looking at memories is so important, and I'm glad you did it!

    You are a lovely, lovely bride! I can see the glow in your face captured in the photo you shared!

    Thanks for a glorious link for the letter G.