Friday, 11 April 2014

Sometimes It's just a Matter of Simply Rearranging - Housework / Funwork 15

Hi Ho, Hi Ho it's off to work we go.

Well it was about time this month that I did do some housework and if you don't believe me then you really need to read last Friday's post in this series.

Guest Room

I worked meticulously through the Overhaul List and then it was

No seriously I did actually do two things off the list before I made the coffee 

(this was the 2 bedside cabinets which each consist of three drawers - one of them I keep the 3 drawers free for guests and the other has things belonging to our daughter so these were easy) 
and then I did take it with me back to the work because

Okay back to the Guest Room.

There are 5 fitted wardrobes along one of the walls in this room which means a lot of storage space and within them are hanging rails drawers and shelves.

The wardrobes were not too bad to tackle, some things just really needed to be rearranged

Wardrobe 1

It had some spare hangers but not really enough space for guests to hang much up.

More space for guests to hang up clothes and also an empty drawer (except for a pair of soft slip on slippers).

I have heard lots of people saying that you must leave plenty of space for your guests to hang up clothes so that they feel really welcome.
But Guests are only there for a short time and if you are like us you probably need to use the space yourself so I think we can share the space with the guests.

Wardrobe 2

Narrow and for longer hanging items  Mixture of LPs, boxes, blankets, cushions (falling out of top shelf) etc.

Minus LPs & boxes.  Then the cushions were rearranged so as not to fall out.

Simple change to just keep similar things in together ie. cushions from wardrobe one moved into wardrobe 2.   Plus LPs should be near the record player and then I might start plying them again - makes more sense.

Wardrobe 3

Wider double wardrobe with two hanging rails.

Clothes sorted out and some thrown out and now all can fit on top rail.
Now bottom is for storing lots of bags for cameras, computers & travelling.  Some of these had come out of Fred's Office so now have a better home.

I wanted to use the bottom to store things but wanted to make better use of the space so needed to have a shelf which I didn't have but I did have an old coffee table I was going to throw out so I used it as a shelf instead.  Simple but did the job. 

Wardrobe 4

Narrow shelved wardrobe.  Quite full with bedding, cushion covers and basket with towels.

Simple change here with cushion covers and basket going out and rest of bedding going in.
The basket with towels can sit in the space in wardrobe 1 while no-one is using the room and is nice enough to sit out when visitors come.

I really like having the bedding sorted and together so that I'm not going into different cupboards and drawers for things.  Also I like to clean the pillow cases and put them on te pillows ready for next use - that way they don't get folded and creased and putting them on the pillows doesn't take up any extra space.

Wardrobe 5

This one is identical in form to the first one with the hanging rail and drawers and is completely full with our daughter's belongings while she is in South Korea so I didn't need to touch it at all.

This room came with a feature wall of swirly dark patterned wallpaper about which I was not very happy and curtains which must have been bought to try to match in with it and the cream walls but failed badly so I really want to get rid of the curtains at least.   

So that brings me to my ToTo List for this room which of course was done on my Pocket Lists App.

The inventory is also almost completed for this room so I'm happy about the progress and that's the important thing.

So sometimes it is just a matter of simply rearranging things to have the same types of things together but thank goodness Fred didn't come in while I was doing it because he always says

"Sandra, you make such a mess when you are sorting things out"

Just to leave you with something to amuse you, I found this short video on You Tube

I never would have guessed she was in the kitchen would you?
If only our rooms were this easy to do, on any day!

An extremely short video on easy housework.

But notice how someone has already gone round the rooms lifting all the ornaments and other clutter away - or have they all just been broken by their method of doing the housework?



  1. That's something I hate to do ! I would have squeezed the clothes in a corner and bought some new hangers ! lol !

  2. Very creative rearranging ~ and great photos on how you did it ~ loved the reuse of the coffee table ~ now don't you feel better?

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)