Saturday, 3 May 2014

#100HappyDays - Week 11


The Challenge

is to take a picture of something that makes you happy each day for 100 days and post it on facebook or twitter or google plus, etc.

I have chosen to put it on Facebook each day but also each Saturday I will do an update for the week on my blog.

I am very conscious of the fact that more than half of my pics have come via my iPad this week.  

     4 of them are from my game on the iPad or from facebook postings I saw while on the iPad.

     2 were pics I took myself with my mobile phone camera from within the house - Yes Tuesday's was taken through an open window because I was unwell and staying inside.

     1 was a picture I created.

So what does this mean?

Basically I need to get out and about again now that I am feeling better, and also now you know that a lot of my life revolves around computers, iPads and phone(with camera).

Is this a terrible thing?
         What do I use these things for?
  • Reading my bible  -  Bible app on the iPad
  • Worship on Sunday mornings in Church  -  iPad app for the chords to play the worship songs
  • Showing pictures in Sunday School occasionally  - iPad
  • Calendar  -  iPad app
  • ToDo Lists  -  iPad app
  • Home Inventory Lists  -  iPad app
  • Facetime with sons and daughter in different parts of the world  -  iPad 
  • Keeping in touch with friends all over the world  -  Facebook on iPad & computer
  • Playing my word and number games  -  apps on iPad
  • Reading books  -  apps on iPad
  • Wake-up alarm  -  app on iPad


  • Writing my blog  -  computer 
  • Writing Sunday School Curriculim  -  computer
  • Making Kids Praise songs to be projected in church  -  computer
  • Preparing Church Announcements  -  computer
  • Updating Church website and Facebook page  -  computer
  • Family photos on private family webpage  -  computer
  • Online Graphics Course  -  computer
  • Researching things  -  computer


  • Family Messaging  -  Kakaotalk app on phone
  • Pictures for me and for the blog  -  phone 

and probably lots of other things I'm just forgetting at the moment.

Thank goodness Spring is here so I will be outside the house much more.

Happy to know my Church still preaches on Atonement.


The highest score I have ever got for one turn in a game of Wordfeud.


Sun was shining in the back garden.


A little treat is great when you aren't feeling well.


I sort of stole my daughter's picture today as it made me laugh out loud.
Something to do with scarecrows having been attacked in South Korea.


Ducks again!  They featured twice before in this challenge.  This one made me lol.

Thanks to Holiday Spirit's Facebook picture


This picture was chosen by my husband because we laughed about it when he discovered that I hadn't "got it" the first time I read it.

Thanks to Evrystry 

So Question is:   Am I a nerd or a geek or what?

Do you find this happening to you too?


  1. Lovely idea. We all need to be more conscious of that which we have to be grateful for. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Technlogy has definitely made things a lot easier for us these days. I too rely on a lot of apps each day! Thursday photo is the best! Made me laugh out loud! :)
    Thanks for sharing this at the Whatever Wednesday blog hop!