Friday, 2 May 2014

Boy did I need 5 weeks this month! - Housework / Funwork 17

Well this week was April up until Wednesday and only May for Thursday and today so I'm still claiming this as an April week and this then allows me 5 weeks for my April schedule.

    And boy did I need                   5 weeks this time.

What with the Easter holiday and us taking a trip over to see our son Jonathan and then me getting sick a lot of last minute task tackling was needed.

The  Monthly / Weekly / Daily Home Schedule was kept to quite well.

The Month of April section of the Yearly Schedule was a different matter.

The usual things were fine like the Oven & Hob, Microwave, Kettle & toaster, Electricity.

Even the Bathroom cleaning, Expenses & Book review were done (the book was read ok by end of April and review is now written and will be posted up on the blog later in May) 

I kept putting off washing the Kitchen floor & dusting and hoovering  -  I argue with myself that the floor doesn't get dirty so quickly with only the two of us but it does and it did get done finally after the dusting and hoovering.

Also this week I did the quick tidy up of the Storage Cupboard off the dressing room. 
This is a walk-in cupboard that we got shelved when we moved here but is awkward to get a picture of so I took it in two halves.

It was really just a quick tidy up mostly just meaning that the shoes were sorted properly and other things were put on shelves from the floor but not necessarily in the proper places.  It will be overhauled later in the year with the Dressing Room.

The Filing drawers were half done.
This is because there are two lots of filing drawers and I had decided that I would really sort them out properly this time.
So I managed to do the two drawers in my roll top desk this month and will do the large drawer in my craft armoire sometime later.

Yes that is a Didgeridoo beside the desk - My husband has all sorts of Musical Instruments!

In the Roll Top Desk filing drawers I have a Tickler System which I need to start using properly again and link in with my Things App

This is basically 12 files in the drawer each labelled for a month of the year.
Then one set of 30 folders labelled 1 - 30 for the days of the month.

To start off the 30 folders are placed in the file of the month you are starting with and as you have things that need to be done you place those items in the folder of the date you are planning to do them which should be a while before the due date.  Other things for future months are just placed inside the file for the appropriate month until the folder for the day that is needed is in that file.

Then as you go through each day you do whatever needs done from your folder for that day and when it is empty you place it in the following month.  
When a month is passed you place it behind the others so that the current month is always at the front but as you can see from the picture I have the folders in May but hadn't bothered to move all the previous months to the back.

My labels and folders are getting rather worn now as I have been using them for many years and need replacing but as I seem to be using it less and my iPad more I thought I would leave it like this and see next year if I am still using it enough to warrant the effort.

By the way this is where all the post should go each day so then no paperwork is left lying around - and we all can have a good laugh at that one!

The Garden is an ongoing job through quite a few months but unfortunately this month it really was all Fred with no help from me.

The Guest Bedroom had already been overhauled and inventoried early in the month and the Guest Ensuite had been inventoried so that just left the Overhaul of the Ensuite.

The walls are completely tiled so my favourite item - the steamer & long reach mop for them and the floor and everything else was done in there checking off my Overhaul list on my Pocket Lists iPad App as I went along.  (Just noticing that it only has 3 stars in itunes but I would give it 5 stars for the use I make of it).

My one problem is that the shower in there is still not as good looking around the trim at the bottom as it should be so that is one of the things I need to put on the Todo list for here.

It is also a very hard room to get a picture of even in two parts. 


The window and the Mirrors in the Dressing Room were not done  -  that may not sound like much but we have mirrored sliderobes in there along two walls so it is really a big job.

The Webpage work and the Taxes were not done.
I usually do my taxes in January as the online deadline is the end of January but I thought this year I would try to get it done straight away in April, hence its placing here in the schedule.  Still planning to do it as soon as possible.

Well quite a successful month after all?

So I can give myself a 
 well maybe not that good so better stick with this one instead

and of course after all of that and all of this writing, now it is 



  1. I love following along with these posts. Thanks for the update.

  2. I need to adopt your organizational skills! Even in a period of time where you needed more time you were still organized! Thanks for sharing on the Four Seasons Blog Hop!

  3. I need to do some cleaning/organizing before winter sets in and all I want to do is sit by the fire!

  4. You have great organizational skills. I need to improve mine. Funny when my kids were small I was so well organized and the house was always as neat as a pin! Love your pictures.