Friday, 30 May 2014

Do I need volunteers in my garage? - Housework / Funwork 21

There are times when we would far rather get stuck into someone else's sorting out than our own.

On Wednesday evening 8 of us from our church went off to help pack and stack boxes of food and household items to go on a container lorry to the border area between Romania and Hungary; for the people there who have no proper homes or jobs.

5 women sorted the items and packed the boxes and 3 men moved the boxes and stacked them ready for the shipment to go at the start of next week.  Another group had gone and done the same thing a few weeks earlier and this was now the finishing of the work.

We all volunteered to go to do this; we were not asked or persuaded to do it.

I even got a picture taken of the 8 of us at the end and look we are all still smiling and happy.

So why then can I not be motivated like this when it comes to my garage?

I think that companionship while working has a lot to do with it.

Our group joked together and simply had the company of each other while we worked.  As we drove there and back I had the company of a girl I have only met a few times before and didn't really know but now after chatting and laughing along the way we know each other better.

So obviously the answer for my garage then is to get a group from church 
to come help me sort it out.
Only joking!

No I had to be focused and determined and just get on with it even though Fred was away all week in Azerbaijan (it is amazing what I can learn to spell when I have to!).

In reality what I did was:
I set a timer for 30 mins and went out and tackled as much as I could during that time, then did it again later in the day and the same again on other days until it was done.
Sometimes I got quite a lot done in 30 mins and other times very little depending on what part I was at and a few times I stayed a bit longer because I wanted to get a certain thing finished.

We have two sets of shelves at the back of the garage and this is what I faced there

After several stints in the garage they now look like this

Now I know what is on the shelves and where each thing is and there is even a bit of free space!

At the front of the garage we have another set of shelves which looked as messed up as the back ones before I started and I thought I had taken a picture of them but must have forgotten to and you can't go back after you've done the tidying can you?

So here are the front shelves after they were sorted.

Along the wall between the back and front shelves we have a set of wardrobes which are now used as cupboard space

Obviously from the outside there really is no before and after of the wardrobes.  Inside is a different matter but because we still need to make a few extra shelves there is wasted space and still things on top of other things so this is an item for the Garage ToTo List.

So now the garage is sorted  

                     -   well as best it can be until we get some more shelves.

But I will admit that the inventory of the garage was not done.

as much as I love lists and inventories I just did not have the time for this one.

So we are at the end of another month and again most things for the month were done and I am not going to get too worried that I can't tick everything off the list this time because I am just thankful that I was able to do some of the work in the garage on my own while Fred was away.

I am also thankful that I was able to fit in a few extra things during the week too.

Are you thankful when you can get the housework done and still have your funwork with your friends like I did?

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  1. Did you organize that shelf in 30 minutes? Good job! I leave the garage to my husband's domain and he's an organization freak thank goodness! #SITSSharefest

    1. Hi Erin nice to meet you, no not 30 mins but probable more like 4 lots of 30 mins, taking everything off deciding to keep etc. cleaning down the shelves putting things back. Thanks for dropping in.

  2. Well, you make it sound so simple to clean up your garage.. May be I should consider your way. Thanks for sharing with 4 seasons blog hop. Cheers and have a nice day.

  3. I think you might have a wonderful idea - a group of friends or co-workers get together every two weeks and go organize one of their homes! I am good organizing, but bad about putting everything back when I pull it out.

    1. Now that sound just like I wrote that. Yes putting things back after pulling them out is a definite problem of mine. Thanks for dropping in Donna.

  4. Well done for finding the motivation to tidy up your own garage! Looks great now! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  5. Good for you! Looks great. I leave the garage sorting to my husband, lol! It's mostly his stuff as I keep my stuff inside, lol! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  6. This is the blog I have needed to read for about a year now. Can't wait to get started on my garage. Great inspiration and advice ...thank you

    1. Tell me how you get on Lysa and any tips would also be welcome.

  7. Great to have a clean garage! Have a naughty question, because I have been in Rumania, Hungary and more of E.Eur.: could you please also send some stuff to the homeless people of the USA - they don't have proper homes either (it's not meant sarcastically, but sometimes the people around us come at the bottom of the list).

  8. That's great that you delivered things for the poors in Romania ! Congratulations to your garage cleaning, I would probably say : I'll do that tomorrow ... (for the next 10 years, lol)

  9. Nice work…for yourself AND for others.