Friday, 9 May 2014

When the Sun Shines in! - Housework / Funwork 18

We live in Northern Ireland.

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So when the sun shines in after all these months of dullness
  • You know it's Spring 
  • You see the dust
  • You want to go for a walk
  • You need to get into the garden and really tackle those weeds
  • You want to clear out the garage so that you can put the car in it.

No, no Hold up there, 
      surely we want to clear out the garage in the late Summer so that you can make sure you can get the car in for the autumn and winter?

Yes that might seem more logical but I live at the top of a hill in Northern Ireland.

 Now the view can be lovely from the top of a hill and we do appreciate the view that we have of the town 

Picture of the town of Banbridge Northern Ireland from the top of a hill

even on a misty morning

but that also means that it is windy and knowing NI it can rain at any time.  

So I will be thankful to get the car into the garage at any time of the year.

We moved here 3 years ago and the garage was never properly sorted out since then.

Anyone who was reading my blog last year may remember a bit of a clear up and we managed to get the car in but for those who didn't see that blog post just click on this pic below read the post and then come back here again.

Ok I hope you did go read it because it is an amusing one and just typical of our family.

So if you didn't  -  go now; it's not a long post.

Of course gradually things got left in the garage again and then there wasn't enough room for the car.

Later last year we had our son's wedding and that was at the end of October so you can imagine what I was thinking before that.

       What will the weather be like?

       It is sure to be windy at the top of this hill and could well be raining too!

And I hinted at Fred often enough but eventually had to SPELL it out for him (because he is a guy);  that I did not want to walk out of the house on the morning of the wedding and have my hairdo rearranged by the wind or my outfit soaked before I made it to the church.

The day of the wedding came,  Linda and I went off to the hairdressers and it wasn't raining but as usual there was a definite breeze.

When Fred drove us back home I was very happy to find that he had moved around enough things in the garage so that he could at least reverse the car in almost fully and we could get out of the car in some shelter.

Can you imagine where this hair & fascinator would have been if Fred had not done that for me?

My housework then this week mostly revolved around one side of the garage.

This is what it looked like before we started 

and this is what it looks like now

The window here has been washed and so have the windows in the kitchen and utility room so that is another part of the May list completed.

Now just have to get Fred to clean the outsides of all the windows and we'll be able to see through them all properly.

I have to say a big thank you to Fred for taking the time with me this week and for the time he is going to take later this month as well to get the rest of the garage sorted and it is worse than this part.

Well can we get the car in now?

Of course not,  I'm in the middle of sorting out so there are things still sitting in the middle of the garage floor! 


  1. Congratulations on getting the one side of the garage done! You are well on your way to getting the May chores all done! (When I was in Dublin, a tour guide told us, "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.")

    1. Hi again Alana, thanks for the encouragement and I love the quote from the Dublin tour guide but have to admit sometimes it is so true.

  2. You have a lovely view! Don't feel bad about your garage our truck died the other day and we had to buy another one which was larger so we had to revamp the whole garage to make room resulting in a temporarily clean garage but that won't last long. Stopping by from Wednesday Roundup.

    1. Oh gosh Terri, I would hate to have to do it suddenly without getting myself mentally prepared for the hassle, but then of course that just leaves me free for the procrastination option too.

  3. So, can you come help me tackle my garage? I'll make sandwiches.

    Glad I found you through the Hump Day Happenings.

    1. Hi there great to meet you. So glad you dropped in from the Hump Day link up as I have had terrible problems with trying to get into that site. Last two weeks I couldn't get the page to upload properly (only half was seen and the bottom half blank) then I got in this week and linked up but then when I tried to go back to read around the other link ups the same half page episode occurred. Just hopped over to your site there and have to say that post on Grace and the Emergencies was really good and what a girl she must be.

  4. I live in a very windy place, so I sympathize with your hair always getting messed up! It seems like on the days when I've done my hair and worn a dress, the wind blows the worst. Figures, huh?

    Thanks for sharing on Hump Day Happenings!

    1. Thank you Megan, had some bother getting into the linky the previous two weeks and after I got in and put on my post I couldn't get back in properly again. I'll try again and hope it's better next week.

  5. Nothing better than organising and de-cluttering!