Why We Worship 18

I am taking time each week to ask myself "Why we worship"

Righteousness is the state of moral perfection God requires of us to be able to enter Heaven.

The Ten Commandments show us how far we are from reaching this standard that God has set us.  We know we could never keep all His laws completely.

because He is SINLESS

But we are SINFUL.

So it would seem there is no way that we can enter Heaven.

However God has a solution for our problem.

Jesus is God and is also Righteous because He is Sinless.

God has told us in the Bible that He will apply Christ's perfect righteousness to us imperfect human beings when we believe that Jesus is Lord and trust fully in Him.

The only way that God cannot punish us for our sinfulness is if we have someone to be our substitute and take on our sin and punishment which is what Jesus has done for us on the cross.

This is God's Plan of Salvation for all of us and it is a free Gift.
We just need to accept that Jesus has stepped in to be our Saviour.

So Salvation for us is not through anything we can do for ourselves but through the righteousness of Jesus.

Christ's righteousness is accredited to us and makes us holy before God.

I am thankful that there was a way for me to be acceptable to God because Jesus bore my sins on the cross and gave me His Righteousness.

I am also thankful that my Father in Heaven is Righteous and can never be found at fault.

Have you accepted this gift of Salvation through Jesus?

Can you worship God because He is Righteous and has made you righteous?


  1. I am forever grateful for Jesus who died for me/my sins and imputed His righteousness to me. Praise Yahweh Tsidkenu (The Lord Our Righteousness)!

  2. So many posts this weekend have made me remember favorite words or songs. Your scripture connects me to a favorite word - righteous. It describes an almost inconceivable trait of Christ. That we get to participate in his flawless holiness is a great God gift. We...get to be righteous too. Wow! A side note - I always imagined having a dog named righteous and I'm not a dog lover...but if I did have a dog I'd name him righteous. Thank you for linking up today. I hope you'll join is again.

  3. He IS righteous, which is an incredible reason to worship Him. So thankful for His sacrifice. Thanks for sharing this over at #EverydayJesus, Sandra. Blessings!

  4. "He made me worthy and now by His grace, His mercy has made me His own..." That song started singing in my head as I read your words. Thank you for the moments of worship you provided me.

    1. Hello Pamela, lovely to meet you and thanks for dropping in. Yes different songs come to my mind each time I do this series and I am considering doing another one with songs because they do so touch our hearts. Thanks for the kind words.