Friday, 23 May 2014

With a Little bit of Help from my .... - Housework / Funwork 20

Okay just about keeping up with the normal daily and weekly tasks this week.

A few extra things have had to be scheduled in to our week as Fred will be going to Azerbaijan on Sunday for a week and then only home for 2 days and off again to Morocco for a week and a half.

Then I had to get to grips with the lawn mower again as I haven't had to cut the grass for the last 3 years but with extended and more frequent business trips for Fred I will be back behind that big heavy object.

Then it was back to the Garage.

In our garage we had "inherited" several tins of paint which had already been opened (the last people to own the house had simply left them there).

We also had a few containers with some wood stain and paint for the shed and it was definitely time to get rid of them.

So some time ago Fred drove off to our dump (local Amenities & Recycling site) to safely dispose of them because that is what we would have done when we lived in Londonderry in the NW of Northern Ireland and we just presumed that living in Banbridge in the SE of Northern Ireland would be the same.

At the dump he was told that he could not leave the tins there.  

So what was he to do with them?  

They told him he had to put them in a black plastic bin bag and then into our

black bin which is the ordinary house rubbish bin

as opposed to the 

green bin for paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic recycling

or the 

brown bin for the garden waste and food waste.

Now I thought that was ridiculous and so did Fred so I phoned the council recycling and asked them but got the same answer.  

Then this week I decided we should try again.

I phoned the council recycling and asked them but got the same answer as before.
The strange thing was the person I spoke to on the phone actually said that they considered paint to be hazardous material but all we could do was to put the tins in a black bin bag and put them in the black bin. 
When I said that I considered it to be hazardous material too but thought sending it to the landfill was not what we should be doing with hazardous material she hung up.

So while Fred then was on a trip to the dump with all our grass cuttings which was too much for the brown bin, I decided to phone one of our political parties office in the town because it was coming up to election time anyway and they might as well be expected to help us.  The girl who took my call thought there should be somewhere at the dump for the paint but I explained not so she said she would try to find out.  

She rang me back shortly and she had talked with the council recycling and been told the same as me PLUS a bit extra.  

Apparently there are companies you could pay to come take this type of waste away but mostly used by businesses and she had a number for me to ring but it might be expensive.

On ringing this company I was told to just go to the dump as they had collection areas in the dumps for paint but then I explained my dump didn't and when this lady checked she found out that my dump was one of a few that did not have a contract with their company.  She then told me where the next nearest dump was that I could leave the paint at.

So this week we had to drive for 30 mins to get to the dump to safely dispose of the paint.

You seriously would not think that to clear up a small section of our garage would have taken several phone calls and a round trip of over an hour.

That kind of thing does not make me smile.

That kind of thing does not make me happy nor does it make my husband happy when he has to visit two dumps instead of one and one of them is so far away.

So how could my 
Housework be going to turn into Funwork 
this week?

1.  Well mostly because while I took Tuesday out and went on a church bus trip and had lots of laughs; Fred did some of the usual daily chores for me that day.

2.  Fred also helped me by giving me some of his time on 2 different days to help me move things around and decide what had to stay & what could go in the garage this week even though he was getting ready to go on that business trip.

Have you tried making your Housework turn into Funwork yet?

Or got anyone to help you?


  1. I love your idea of turning housework into funwork! And, it's fantastic that you were still able to see a little bit of fun in all of the phone calls, driving, and frustrations. You were doing the right thing by trying to dispose of the can properly, but no one was making it easy on you, that's for sure. Sometimes doing the right thing turns out to be really hard, huh? Way to persevere! :)

    1. Thanks for dropping in and encouraging me Tarissa.

  2. That is just crazy Sandra! We have community hazardous waste pickup days here but now, I'm concerned as to what actually is done with it all! Something to think about for sure!

    1. Yes, I did stress with our elected representatives for the area that our town should not be different than others and we just had an election a couple of days later so I hope they will get it into their budget as my husband thinks that is probably the reason our town was different.

  3. It's a four day weekend for us so I need the inspiration to turn the "housework" into "fun work." It's really my husband's time off but he's my helper :)

    1. These husbands are the best helpers, sometimes I just have to admit I like the company when doing these kinds of jobs rather than just doing it on my own. Thanks for dropping in Stacey.

  4. What a pain! It is so great you are figuring out the right way to get rid of the paint though..since I bet other people just hide it in their trash. If they want people to do the right thing.. they should definitely make it easier on them!

    1. Exactly so I'm hoping they change their budget for our area to get this included, we shouldn't be different to other towns. Thanks for dropping in.

  5. Hello! Here in our city in Canada, wet paint is considered a hazardous material--and so we have to take it to a special place. (We also bring any batteries, ink cartridges, flourescent lightbulbs, and small home appliances). They actually have a free paint exchange where you can pick up someone else's paint for free if you want. But dried out paint is NOT considered hazardous and we can put it out with the regular garbage.

    1. Hi again Alana, yes we seem to have a specific area within our recycling facility (which is huge for a small town) that caters for everything else we can think of just not the paint but I'm hoping that will change soon.

  6. Interesting about the paint. I have so much I should get rid of but have never quite figured out how, so I have mostly empty cans down in the basement. So great, huh?

    1. Hi Lara, sometimes if it is difficult to do something we just put it off and I am trying not to be like that any more. Think I'll go have a coffee while I think more about not procrastinating and the washing can wait for a while!!

  7. LOVE this idea of turning housework into fun work! Thank you so much for linking up to #thankfulthursday