Friday, 27 June 2014

Sense of Satisfaction is a great thing. - Housework/Funwork 24

What a month this has been!

Husband ill with severe food poisoning.


Husband on work trip to Morocco and comes back not so good again.

So my mind was not so much on Housework this month.

This is what was supposed to be covered this month.
Taken from the full Year Schedule.

This is what was done this month

Toilet       -       Overhaul & Inventory completed

Bathroom       -       Overhaul & Inventory completed

Other smaller tasks generally completed.

Gardening       -      Weeding  but still so much to do.

Hall & Stairs       -       Partly done.

Cleaning Jewellery       -       Partly done.

The Steamer

was well used again this month for the bathroom, toilet and hall & stairs.
Tiled walls, tiles floors, windows, mats & carpets all got the steamer treatment.

The Vinegar & Baking Soda
were well used again this month for the bathroom & toilet.
The actual toilets bowls and the toilet brushes all got the mixture treatment.

Now I want to tell you about something I got done from my Toilet To Do List.

Each time I do a room I make out the Overhaul List and work through those things to complete the room and then I do the Inventory but then at the end I make another list - the ToDo List for the room which is the list of things I need to do decoratively or in a maintenance way for that room.

Well for the Toilet this was my ToDo List

Only one item, nothing else needed to be repaired and no other decorative work needed to be done.
And if you read my post a few weeks ago "The Smallest Room in the House"
you would understand.

Here is a picture of the 2 different hooks at two different levels - I know, I know we can't understand why the previous owners did this either!

We have just been lazy about getting round to removing them plus being rather concerned about how to tackle this without annoying the tiles because the whole room is tiled floor to ceiling and we didn't want a new tile job.

So the other day when Fred seemed to be feeling a bit better I decided to get on with this (well I decided he could get on with this).

Fred got a scraper blade thingy and cautiously tried to remove the hook on the left.
It came off quite easily and with a little bit more scraping all the glue was removed as well.

We were delighted.

Then he tried the one on the right and although it did not come off as easily as the first one it did come off but even with more scraping the glue was not moving.

Not so delighted but still at least the hook was off and no tiles had been harmed in the process.

I have a product from Lakeland (not sure if it is sold elsewhere) called STICKY STUFF Remover Gel
and it's mate STICKY STUFF Remover  which is a liquid.

So I got out the Gel which has a brush attached to the lid

I simply applied the gel liberally over the glue residue and left it to work

I left it on about an hour and wiped it off with a damp sponge.

The result

the glue was completely removed.
So it does what it says on the tub.

I had previously used this product and the liquid to remove sticky labels and they had both worked well with those and now it worked well on this job too.

Just another great product from Lakeland (one of my favourite shops as I have stated before)

You can imagine how thankful I was that this was not the awkward job we had imagined and it is nice to have a whole ToDo List completed.

Ok, Ok, I know it only had one item on it 
but the satisfaction is still there.



  1. Sometimes completely one nagging thing can give a huge sense of satisfaction! Glad you got to cross it off the list! #allaboutyou

  2. I must remember that stuff - I hate sticky bits residue.
    Well done on your ta da's.

  3. It's so wonderful when projects work out how you need them to!!!

  4. So weird with the hooks. Its really good to know that that stuff works though. I'm sure its going to come in handy. Thanks for sharing it!