Sun & Work in the Garden - Organising

Northern Ireland had some great weather this week so definitely it was time for the GARDEN.

We have to be flexible here so when it is good weather we get out and tend to the garden and when it is not so good weather we do inside stuff obviously.

      So I was out in the garden every day this week.

          Gosh did I work hard?

  • I cleaned up those two white PVC sun loungers that sat in our back garden since last summer.
  • I lay on that sun lounger and tried to do some work on my laptop but the sun was too bright and so I couldn't see the screen properly so gave up and went inside for a drink.
  • Later I lay on that sun lounger and read a short story by Agatha Christie.
  • Later I did get up and go in and put in a washing  -  well it was really too hot to work in the garden on Monday

- quote of the day from me on Facebook

  • I posted about blogging on my blog.
  • I lay on that sun lounger and read another short story by Agatha Christie.
  • I wrote a blog post based on those sun loungers in the garden for my Wednesday post

  • Later I did put in another washing
  • Then I did a little ironing  -  well it was really too hot to work in the garden again on Tuesday

  • I searched for some pictures that I needed to make a collage to finish off that blog post about the sun loungers and then posted it.
  • I went out to the front garden and did some weeding until I was too hot and tired

    First Section was cleared completely of weeds

Next Section partially cleared of weeds

Next Section not weeded

  • I had a little fun on facebook with a few posts.
  • Later I did put in another washing
  • Then in the evening I went out to the front garden and did some more weeding and brushing up  -  well it was a bit cooler and better for working in the garden

Section on other side nearly fully cleared of weeds
and good news the badly pruned Lavender is starting to grow again.

- quote of the day from me on Facebook

  • I face timed with our daughter in South Korea after breakfast for me and just before bedtime for her.
  • I got bananas for a special person who returns home from Morocco on Friday evening.
  • Did a lot of sorting of photographs on the computer and scrapbooking things.
  • Later I did put in another washing     
  • Then in the evening I went out to the front garden and cut the grass there  -  well it was about time I got that lawnmower out

Front lawn cut but needs some treatment

- quote of the day from me on Facebook

  • I did another washing
  • I tidied up the kitchen.
  • Did more sorting of photographs from my phone on to the computer
  • Then in the afternoon I went out to the back garden and cut the smaller section of grass there
  • Later I went back out and cut the larger section of grass at the back  

-  well I did want to get it all finished for Fred coming home 


I did have to get this blog post out today!


Which one won out this week?

Had to be FUNWORK because the rest of my time spent indoors was spent on
 the computer or ipad!


  1. A fun week - Thanks for sharing at the #WWDParty.

  2. The great thing about using washing machines and dishwashers is that you really feel like you accomplished something even if you read and lounged around while the machines do their work.

    Very funny post. :)

    1. Hi there, we lived in Delaware for 3 years a long long time ago and were in New Jersey several times. Thanks for dropping in.

  3. Lots of yard work! My allergies get to me too much so I can't do as much which makes me sad.

  4. Ireland! I would love to visit. Thank you for linking up to last weeks Friday Favorite. Hope to see you this week!

  5. Sounds like a fun and productive week! Thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou, hope you can come back on Tuesday

  6. Thanks for sharing your week with us on the Four Seasons Blog Hop!! Hope to see you again this week~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  7. I love to get out and work in my yard, although everything I grow is mostly in pots I am always looking for something to plant to get my hands in the dirt. Thanks for coming by and sharing your posts!!!

  8. Well look at you and all you accomplished. I end up with a migraine when I'm out in the sun but my sweet hubby loves it. Lucky me. ~Pamela

    1. Oh Pamela, I' so sorry you can't sit in the sun for long, you should come live over here where it never get's too hot.

  9. I guess that I am really lucky, because my husband does most of the yard work. I do water my orchids, and check my wisteria (I am trying to get it to climb up a palm tree beside my house, so I go out and cheer it on!) My husband does his own laundry. He also vacuums, and cleans up the kitchen. That leaves more time for me to blog, play golf, play bridge, and read!! In between all that, I create art. Then on the weekends, we go to the beach and sit in the sun!!

    1. Oh Judie, I love the bit about you cheering it on. Plus what a hubby to let you do all that reading and blogging - oh just realised my hubby lets me read and blog too and helps clean up the kitchen and he does the hoovering but he doesn't do the laundry.

  10. Anonymous20:27

    Sounds like a busy week.

    1. Hi there, yes busy but better to be busy than bored I suppose.

  11. You are such an incredibly busy woman!

    I'm glad you have the blogging community to share it with.

    It seems to make life richer, doesn't it?

    Thanks for linking to the letter H.


    1. True Jenny especially with all the lovely blogs to read. Then I have to get busy again with the chores unfortunately.

  12. You were busy but had fun too!

  13. Busy week ~ hope you had some fun in between ~Great post for W

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)