Saturday, 14 June 2014

Without Holiness - Verse by Verse 3

The first thing that struck me when I saw the verse for this week was the fact that within each of the 3 verses we have memorized so far in this series, there is a mention of one of the Fruit of the Spirit.

The first verse had PATIENCE,
     the second verse had JOY
          and now this one has PEACE.

I don't think this is a coincidence because the Fruit of the Spirit is very important in our lives and we should show this daily.

The other main word in this verse is HOLINESS.

I believe that the PEACE in this verse is about the relationship between us and others and the HOLINESS is about the relationship between us and God.

Yet the two cannot be completely distinct from each other.

How can we possibly expect to be sanctified and lead holy lives if we do not live in Peace?

How can we who are naturally sinful and selfish live in peaceful relationships if we do not have the presence of the Holy Spirit with us each day as He helps us to live and grow more like Jesus.

Our Christianity cannot be complete if we do not have the right relationship with man and with God.

We are not to be completely apart from the world but we are to be God's representatives in the world showing peace and holiness to touch the lives of others.

In other words we are to be Christlike as we live with the hope of coming into the presence of Christ Himself.

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  1. Hi Sandra! These words...powerful truth. "Our Christianity cannot be complete if we do not have the right relationship with man and with God." Thanks so much for sharing your words with the #GiveMeGrace community,

  2. I never want a day go by that I am not growing in Jesus. Growing in holiness daily. I like your explanation-- peace with man and holy with God. Won't it be wonderful when we do come face-to-face with Jesus. ~Pamela

  3. Hi Sandra - In the NLT, this verse is worded, "Work at living in peace with everyone and work at living a holy life....". So often we think both peace & holiness should come easily to us. They will take working at, not striving but living intentionally, for us to be at peace with others & live holy lives. Glad to be your neighbor this morning at Thought Provoking Thurs.

  4. Amen, Sandra. The link between holiness, Christ-likeness and peach are so important-- but I sometimes still miss it. Thanks for the reminder and sharing this over at #EverydayJesus.