Friday, July 25

I'm Scanning Old Photos, is that FUN? - Housework/Funwork 28

Well this was supposed to be the time for the Shed overhaul & inventory.

However on closer inspection of the roof of the shed we knew that there was no point in starting on this because the roof was in such bad condition we really needed to get a new shed instead.

Fred went out with the tape measure on the day that our niece and her husband were visiting with their 2 year old son Adam (named after my father) and little Adam helped Fred to take the measurements of the shed (even though he can only count to 5 and despite my brave efforts involving fingers and toes he would not add the number 6 to that list).

You see any new shed would have to be the same size as the present one because the decking area around it had been just that built around the shed.  So now we are trying to find a non-wood shed that is 10 foot by 12 foot, with the door on the shorter side and is not green.
And guess what?    That is not the easiest of jobs here.

So what would I do this week for the housework?

Would I take a week off housework?       YES!  YES!  YES!

But would I waste time this week?       NO!  NO!  NO!

I decided to use the time to get on with another of the

The scanning of the negatives and photos into the computer.

Yeah this was definitely looking like FUNWORK this week.

In January I had moved all the photos and negatives from the storage under our bed to the Games Room on top of the snooker table.

They are all set out in piles of rough dates and I had been starting to scan the negatives and the photos to store these on an external hard drive because there are just so many of them to put on my laptop.

So the task involves three different jobs really.

1.  Scanning negatives with a Film and Slide scanner

2.  Scanning photos on my Canon Printer

3.  Filing all the Scans in appropriate files in the external hard drive (from the SD card I would scan them to)

Starting to do the negative scanning from upstairs in the Games Room would not be a good idea because I would have to stand and bend over at the snooker table and also wanting to organize them in months & years meant I actually wanted to scan everything by month and so would then have to go downstairs to use the printer/scanner when I had photos without negatives.

So I decided to bring the photos & negatives downstairs to the kitchen table a year or a month at a time and do the negative scanning there and then it would be a short distance to my study to use the printer/scanner.
Now I hear you asking why not just do it all in the study?
Answer is simply that I don't have enough free table/desk space in the study at the moment and you will understand that better when it comes to the overhaul of it which is going to take the whole month of September.

Now on to the Main Job

What did I need?
1.  Photos
2.  Negatives
3.  Soft clean cloth   -   to gently wipe dust etc. from the negatives and photos before scanning
4.  Film & Slide Scanner
5.  Printer/scanner
6.  Notepad & Pen   -   for any ideas or notes to be jotted down when I thought about something
7.  Good Storage for the actual photos and negatives   -   because some of the boxes I had previously had them in were not in great condition

So I got the slide & negative scanner and accessories ready

There was
  the actual scanner,
  3 holders (left to right -one for slides, one for a continuous negative roll and one for strips of negatives)
  a USB lead which goes from the scanner to the computer or mains adaptor
  the mains adaptor (mine is a European one because we bought this while we were living in Belgium)
  and a video lead which can link the scanner up to a TV or external screen

For me to get started I needed the scanner, Usb lead, mains adaptor, the negative strip holder and some negatives.

Firstly then I had to wipe the dust off a strip of negatives and insert the strip into the negative holder

making sure that the strip was in the right direction.

Then insert the SD card to save the images on to (you can also just connect to the computer and save them directly to it), slot the holder into the side of the scanner,

and turn on the power.
The scanner has a small but adequate preview screen so you can move the holder through until the picture is properly aligned.

Then you hit the ok button and a selection of options come up on the screen and you highlight the one you want and hit ok.

Because I had the negatives placed in the holder correctly I simply clicked ok for saving to the SD card each time.

Storing the Photos
I am always obsessive about having pictures/photos stored where I can find them and in a really organized fashion which makes sense but unfortunately my husband is not.

I hate it when he takes several pictures that are very similar and keeps every single one of them instead of deleting most and only keeping the best.

I also hate it when there is a blurred picture or one that makes someone look horrible and he doesn't delete it (like when he tends to take photos of me while I am eating or in an animated discussion with someone or when I'm standing outside a country church on a hill and the wind is blowing so that my hair looks like it has a life all of its own - yes all of these have happened and in the last year).

Our other problem is some photos would be on Fred's computer and some on my computer and then some would be on his old computer and some on my old computer and then some we suddenly would think of but didn't know where they were - PANIC

So with all of this type of thing making me rather annoyed about my photos I wanted to do this job right.

I made a folder for scanned photos, then folders within this for groups of years and then folders within each group for more groupings.

Here is the example of the 1970's Group

Then here is the example of the folders scanned so far within the 1970-1977 group

Here is one of the scanned pictures (my penpal & her mum) from the Barcelona 1970 folder as it was scanned

and then here it is when I cropped the sides.

Not bad for a 44 year old negative!

I'm thankful we bought the scanner when we saw it at a bargain price and I'm thankful we will be able to enjoy the memories these photos will bring.

I'm also enjoying the scanning but it is going to be a long job.


  1. Thank you for the encouragement, and advice.
    Hubby & I were just talking about needing to do the same.
    It's going to take me a while, over 1,000 pictures, but I'm going to put them on CD's.
    Make a CD for each child & for us parents.

    1. Great idea Michelle, might take a while but get started and keep going. I am just doing a few at a time so that I don't get fed up with it and not finish even though it's going to take months and months.

  2. Hi, visiting from Paula's no rules weekend link party. I noticed your blog because this post is about scanning. I am about to start a scanning project. You seem really organised. Fran @travelgenee

    1. Fran so glad to meet you. It's going to take us both a while to do these projects but that's better than not doing them.

  3. My photo collection is huge, and not as organized as I would like it to be. I have been scanning photos into my computer as I use them, but would eventually like to tackle this task as you have done. Found this on SITS Sharefest. Great advice!

    1. Hi Susan, so that it doesn't get too tedious and make me give up I'm going to do it in small batches but even if it takes months and months at least it will be done.

  4. A few years ago I took the task of scanning in 20 odd years worth of our family albums so we could all have digital copies, it was a huge job but so worthwhile and I love being able to easily see photos from my childhood and even before I was born! Luckily my parents were organised and they were all in albums (hundreds of them). I tried to help my inlaws do the same at one point but their albums jumped about backwards and forwards all over the place so it was hard to work out when things were taken! Good luck with it, hope it goes well!! Xx

    1. Oh Caroline I am so glad you were able to do that, nice that it was made easier by being already quite organised but do try to go back and help the in-laws again, it could be a real blessing to them and you in future years.

  5. I have had this on my "to-do" list for a long time. But, with so many Military moves and currently in Germany. I am definitely doing it after this assignment. We have all the necessary items to scan everything and storing it and I AM GETTING IT DONE LOL!! TFS!!

    Stopping by from You're Gonna Love It - Kathe with an E's linky party and now a follower.

    Here is what I shared:

    1. Great start even having the right equipment Elisha. Break it done into small chunks ie years like me and then you could even get some done before the end of this assignment. We used to live in Belgium so I got to see a bit of Germany but not nearly enough, pity.

  6. stopping by from hump day happenings! Love how you did easy do you know how to transfer VHS to a disc?

    1. Oh how I wish I did Karan. I have some VHS sitting here and it would take up less space and also I could then watch those things as we don't have a video player any more. My husband might get plaged again about this now that you have reminded me.

  7. I too have been scanning old photos. It is fun, but so time consuming. I am going to use your organization filing system. That is something I hadn't figured out for myself. I like it! Cheers!

    1. Glad to be of help and encouragement to get you started Mary. All the best with the project.

  8. It is a painful timely job, but it needs to be done. And then its so great. Thanks for linking up to #thankfulthrsday

  9. I would love to get my photos organized! They are a mess!! Thanks for sharing the inspiration on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :) Please join us again next week!

  10. I never knew one could scan negatives! I am definitely going to investigate the equipment you use. Thank you for such an informative post.

  11. Oh...this sounds so much fun! I myself have to do this as soon as I have some free time!

  12. Hang in there, Sandra. You have more ambition than I have. My pictures, the one that we still have after the house flooded with 33 inches of water, are in just a few places now. Of course Mrs. Jim thinks she would take better care of them if they were all in ONE place, with her stuff.

  13. Scanning is not my favorite activity. But it is well worth it in the end!


  14. Hmmm, I scanned photos last year and it is the complete opposite of fun. But the payoff is totally worth it. Love that photo of your penpal and her mother! So sweet that you still have it. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday!